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17 for 17, Fotoeins Fotograms of 2017,

17 for 17: Fotoeins Fotograms of 2017 (IG)

Featured: At the Germany-Austria border, from Fellhorn mountain near Oberstdorf: 8 March.

Another year gone, another 34-thousand images made*

As the image above shows, I also spent a lot of time this year at the Austrian-German frontier, much of it at altitude.

Below I look back at the year 2017 with a selection of 17 images. Each picture is a direct clickable link to the corresponding post on Instagram.

(1) ➙ “I C U”, 6 January

(2) ➙ “Urban surfing”, 23 February

(3) ➙ “Tunnel”, 24 February

(4) ➙ “The top of Germany”, 25 February

(5) ➙I can see Liechtenstein”, 25 February

(6) ➙ “Hauptstrasse”, 14 March

(7) ➙ “Sun flowers”, 14 April

(8) ➙ “Spectre”, 19 April

(9) ➙ “Wright’s triangle”, 20 April

(10) ➙ “Lock”, 11 May

(11) ➙ “Road to reconciliation”, 17 June

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Performing songs about injustice, tragedy, reconciliation, and hope in English, French, and 1st Nations is Pascale Goodrich-Black and La Vallée des Loups (Valley of the Wolves @vallee_des_loups), including guitarist Adam Popowitz and percussionist Elliot Polsky. The performance was also part of the 2017 Festival d'été francophone de Vancouver (Vancouver Francophone Summer Festival: @le_centre @ccafcb). With a passion for music throughout her life, Goodrich-Black is not only a singer-songwriter, but she is also Department of Aboriginal Education Resource Teacher in the nearby city of Coquitlam and an Aboriginal Facilitator for the BC Teachers Federation. National Aboriginal Celebration at Canada Place, Vancouver, BC, 🇨🇦 – 17 Jun 2017 (© HL).

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(12) ➙ “Alma mater”, 1 July

(13) ➙ “Almost autumn”, 20 September

(14) ➙ “Berliner Platz”, 8 October

(15) ➙ House at Gartenstadtweg 29″, 11 October

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House at Gartenstadtweg 29. In the southeast borough/district of Treptow-Köpenick, the Gartenstadt Falkenberg (Falkenberg Garden City) by Bruno Taut is the oldest of six settlements around the city of Berlin. The "Garden City" is related to Ebenezer Howard's idea of living in a cooperative settlement with access to green space. The combination of bright colours and specific building details are expressions of new (early 20th-century) architecture and urban composition. The Garden City settlement is also known as the Tuschkastensiedlung or "Paintbox Housing Estate." All six settlements around the German capital city have been inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Site "Berlin Modernism Housing Estates" since 2008. Berlin-Grünau, 🇩🇪 – 11 Oct 2017 (© HL).

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(16) ➙ “Meta”, 9 December

(17) ➙ “Breakout”, 11 December

Years past

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•   15 for 15, from 2015
•   14 for 14, from 2014
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* Image numbers 56976-91884, plus 4 resets (“flips”) of the 4-digit image counter.

I made all photographs above with a Canon EOS6D. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at as

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