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Leipzig Spinnerei: from cotton mill to arts centre

2 Responses to “Leipzig Spinnerei: from cotton mill to arts centre”

  1. CrazyChineseFamily

    Wonderful that it is still existing. My hometown Neumünster was back in the days one of the biggest textile industry cities in Germany and was also called “the Manchester of Germany”, however these days only few ruins still exist and one whole factory which is used now by gyms, shops and clubs. Another huge factoy right in the city center was torn town a couple of years ago to make space for a new shopping mall…this town surely knows how to destroy its history

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    • fotoeins

      Hi, Timo. It’s fantastic that most/all of the complex has remained; sometimes it’s a matter of great timing, especially by people who know there’s opportunity (that doesn’t necessarily involve commodification). What’s interesting to me is the conversation about “new Berlin” (or rather, “new Leipzig”), and whether the arts and culture scene can help carry a city into something better and something different, apart from the Hauptstadt. When I visited in 2014, I learned (and I’m not surprised that) Leipzigers are very aware of their special place and this being a special time. Thanks for your reading and for your comment!

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