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Wurstkuchl: at the historic sausage kitchen in Regensburg

8 Responses to “Wurstkuchl: at the historic sausage kitchen in Regensburg”

    • fotoeins

      Hi and thank you, Faith. For those who eat pork, it’s hard to dismiss the simplicity and tastiness of grilled sausage, especially if the ingredients and preparation are done with care. Thanks for reading and for commenting how my post made you hungry! 🙂


    • fotoeins

      Oh, I hadn’t realized I hadn’t responded! Sorry about that. The sausages were grilled perfectly and delicious, and though I’m not a big fan of Sauerkraut, their version of the sour crunchy “slaw” provided a good counterbalance to the savory sausage. I was truly impressed by the kitchen, more than the inside sitting area. It wasn’t that cold outside (though breezy), and being outside was a lot more fun, watching the takeaway queue. Thanks for your comment, Nat and Tim!


    • fotoeins

      Sorry I missed your response, Timo. The one important thing I’ve learned after spending lots of time in the D-land is that the sausage must be made of good quality ingredients, and that the sausage should be prepared (grilled) simply. And now, I’m hungry. 😀


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