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Good delish eats in Germany

“Leckeres Essen in Deutschland”

CAUTION: The photos you are about to see may cause unstoppable drooling. If you get the case of the noms, I claim full responsibility.

Over a two-week interval one autumn a few years ago, I went up and down the length of Germany. I began in Frankfurt am Main, made a short hop north to Köln (Cologne), further north to Hamburg, back down to Frankfurt, east to München (Munich), south to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and finally, back to where I started in Frankfurt.

That journey amounted to 1900 km (1200 mi) of travel on the train; it’s a good thing there was some food in between travel legs.

Wiener Schnitzel, RheinZeit, Köln, Koeln, Cologne, 29.09.2011

Foreground: Wiener veal-schnitzel w. fries, lemon slices, capers, sardines. Background: Flammkuche w. feta, green chiles, olives, onion. At RheinZeit in Köln.

Döner Oruc, Köln, Koeln, Cologne, Germany, 29.09.2011

Döner sandwich with cilanto, onion, red hot peppercorns; Ayran yogurt-drink : Oruc, Köln.

Mangal, Köln, Koeln, Cologne, Germany, 30.09.2011

Lunch starter, thin bread with spicy red dip, sour cream w/ carrot, cucumber : Mangal, Köln.

Mangal, Köln, Koeln, Cologne, Germany, 30.09.2011

Lunch main, grilled lamb over wood/coal grill : Mangal, Köln.

Künefe, Kuenefe, Mangal, Köln, Koeln, Cologne, Germany, 30.09.2011

Künefe, baked dessert on honey layer, w/ angel hair, cheese center, topped w/ cream & walnuts : Mangal, Köln.

Currywurst, Edelcurry, Hamburg, Germany, 1.10.2011

Currywurst (spicy), fries, Fritz-Kola : Edelcurry, Hamburg.

Hamsi Meral's Imbiss, Frankfurt am Main, 3.10.2011

Fried-fish sandwich, fresh lemonade : Meral’s Imbiss, Frankfurt am Main; more here.

Jägerbraten with Spätzle, Jaegerbraten with Spaetzle, Gasthof Werdenfelser-Hof, Partenkirchen, 8.10.2011

Jägerbraten (hunter’s style roast pork in mushroom sauce) with homemade Spätzle : Gasthof Werdenfelser-Hof, Partenkirchen.

Even with this small sample, I do think food throughout Germany can be colourful and tasty, and can offer variety outside of the traditional “meat and starch” fare. Now and again, I do want the latter; the final photo above is evidence of that!

No Connection, Unpaid, My Own Opinions Disclosure: No Connection, Unpaid, My Own Opinions. I have not received any compensation for writing this content and I have no material connection to the brands, topics and/or products that are mentioned herein ( I made all of the photos above in the fall of 2011. This post is published originally on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

13 Responses to “Good delish eats in Germany”

    • fotoeins

      Hi, Eva.

      It is a great compliment by anyone, but especially from a friend, to say that (i) drooling was caused, and (ii) you got a nice trip down memory lane. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, and for stopping by!


    • fotoeins

      Hey, Simon. Wow, my bad – amazing what a couple of swapped consonants can and will do to me. Corrected, and thanks!


    • fotoeins

      Hi, Laurel. That I did – thanks in part to some fine recommendations from friends. I can imagine things are a bit tougher for vegetarians, especially in smaller towns, but thankfully, I see things changing and both variety and quality improving every time I go back and visit Germany. Thanks for your comment!


    • fotoeins

      Very much so, but only if it’s fresh veal, pounded to a few millimetres of thicknness, lightly breaded, lightly pan fried to be crispy outside yet still moist inside, and served with a lemon wedge and fries. The best Wiener Schnitzel I’ve ever had was in fact in Wien, which only reminds me that I have to go back.

      But more often not for cost, I’ll seek out the döner, and if I’m hungry, a dürüm döner!

      Thanks for your comment and for reading!


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