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Stelenfeld, field of stelae, Holocaustdenkmal, Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, Germany,

My Berlin: in the field of stelae

Above/featured: Reflection – 19 Mar 2011 (450D).

In Berlin’s Mitte district between Brandenburg Gate and Postdamer Platz is a field of standing blocks (Stelefeld).

The slabs of concrete are uniform in colour, composition, length, and width. However, the blocks stand at different heights, the curved ground below undulates, and when the slabs loom suddenly overhead, the spaces in between can be eerie, adding to feelings of confusion and disconnection.

Nie Wieder, Never Again

This is the Memorial to the Murdered Jews in Europe (Denkmal für die Ermordeten Juden Europas). The memorial consists of two parts: above ground is the Field of Stelae, designed by architect Peter Eisenman, and underneath is the Information Centre. The location is the country’s central place of remembrance and maintained by a national foundation.

I’m not happy many run through, jump over, or hide between the blocks like a playground; it’s as if they don’t recognize the significance of this place. Eventually, the realization becomes more hopeful. We live in a time where people of all ages, creeds, nationalities, and backgrounds can come here; all of whom are free to rest, talk, and to play.

We’re all equal up above, here and now.

We are also equal below when we’re gone, for “we are dead much longer than we are alive.”

Stelae, Holocaust Memorial

Condensation – 30 Nov 2006 (A510).

Stelenfeld, field of stelae, Holocaustdenkmal, Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, Germany,

Life from death, hope from misery – 30 Nov 2006 (A510).

Field of stelae, Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, Germany,

Passage – 19 Mar 2011 (450D).

Field of stelae, Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, Germany,

Lingering ghosts – 4 Dec 2014 (6D1).


•   Public transport: S-Bahn (S1, S2, S25) to Brandenburger Tor station or Potsdamer Platz station; U-Bahn to Brandenburger Tor (U55), Mohrenstrasse (U2), Potsdamer Platz (U2), or Französische Strasse (U6).

•   City of Berlin: in English and auf Deutsch

On visits to Berlin in 2006, 2011, and 2014, I made all photos above with the following Canon devices: PowerShot A510 (A510), EOS 450D/Rebel XSi (450D), and an EOS 6D mark1 (6D1). This post is published on Fotoeins Fotografie at fotoeins DOT com as

13 Responses to “My Berlin: in the field of stelae”

    • fotoeins

      Hi, Christy & Kali.

      Definitely difficult – I was very fortunate to even get a sense of the curvature of the ground in that last photograph. I took a number of photographs at different places with different lenses and at different distances; there was some testing going on. In that instant, I might’ve been the “weirdo,” just standing there photographing, switching lenses, photographing some more, instead of running around in the “maze” like the rest of them. 😉

      Thanks for your comment!


    • fotoeins

      Hi, Victor. That is certainly one way to describe the memorial, but on a sunny day, the memorial can have a completely different feel and sound.


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