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My Berlin: fall colours in the German capital

“Herrliches Herbstlicht in der Hauptstadt”

Compared to my Vancouver, Berlin doesn’t have the mountains or the open water immediately adjacent to the city. However, what many don’t realize or forget is that there are many green spaces out and about the Hauptstadt, and that deciduous trees reveal their colours as temperatures begin to cool with the change in season.

Heckmannhöfe Berlin autumn

“Proper seats” : Heckmann Höfe, Mitte.
Tiergarten, Siegesäule, Carillon, Platz der Republik, Reichstag, Berlin, Germany,

Fall foliage over the Tiergarten, from Reichstag to Siegessäule

Brandenburger Tor Tiergarten Berlin autumn

From Reichstag: Brandenburger Tor, Amerikanische Botschaft, Tiergarten.

Hackescher Markt Berlin

S7 in opposite directions, at S-Bahn Hackescher Markt.

Landwehrkanal Kreuzberg Berlin autumn

Along the Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg.

Festival of Lights Brandenburger Tor Berlin

Festival of Lights at Brandenburger Tor.

Fall in Berlin provides an opportunity to see the changing colours throughout the capital by day, and the colours of illuminated buildings and landmarks during October’s Festival of Lights at night.

I made all of the photos above between 14 and 16 October 2008. This post is originally published on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

11 Responses to “My Berlin: fall colours in the German capital”

    • fotoeins


      Danke sehr für Ihren Kommentar! Thank you very much for your comment!

      I found your blog and it’s absolutely hilarious, especially as I’ve lived in Germany for 2 years until 2003, and I’ve been back at least once or twice every year since 2003.

      Thanks again for reading!


    • fotoeins

      Hi, Christy.

      I had my own biases about what Berlin was like, and I was happy to have seen all those aspects, well-described and well-visited by many. But thanks to friends who’ve lived there, I’ve been introduced to the green spaces along the Landwehrkanal and in Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg, the very (quiet) middle of the Tiergarten, even the Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg, or heading out on the S7 southwest on the way to Potsdam. As you’ve seen and experienced as well, there are tons more within easy access from the city. It’s yet another feature I like about Berlin. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, and for reading my blog entry!


  1. jill

    Wow – awesome pics. I’ve never actually been a witness to the wonderful color of autumn. Thanks for sharing this!


    • fotoeins

      Hi, Jill.

      Thanks for your comment! I hope that you both find yourselves one autumn in the near future in a place where there’s an explosion of colours. Germany, for example, isn’t so bad, but I’d also pick Ontario, Québec, and the U.S. Northeast, as very good places to experience autumn’s colours.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Andrew

    We have a lot of pines up in the forest here near Freiburg, but plenty of deciduous in town so the sidewalks are covered in leaves. Thanks for the look at Berlin. They do know how to light up their stuff well.


    • fotoeins

      Hi, Andrew.

      When I lived in Heidelberg almost a decade ago, I visited Freiburg, only once unfortunately, but it sure is a beautiful town. I miss the change of seasons, which I’m sure is beautiful anywhere in Germany, but up and down the Rhein must be a particularly special time of the year at peak colour. As for the Hauptstadt, I agree – Berlin definitely knows how to make the most of fall, as it can become grey, wet, cold, and bleak rather quickly.

      Thanks for commenting and for reading!


  3. Number 12: Herbst in der Hauptstadt | autumn in the capital city | Fotoeins WIDE

    […] Autumn or fall in the German capital is marked by a brilliant display of colour as the amount of sunlight each day goes down, temperatures head south on the thermometer, and leaves in the deciduous trees lose their ability to synthesize chlorophyll. From the top of the Reichstag building, you look west over the Platz der Republik in the foreground, through Tiergarten park, past the Carillon on the right, out to the Siegesäule (Victory Column) and beyond. I wrote about autumn’s colours in Berlin on my blog. […]



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