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Gastown Food Tour, Taste Vancouver Food Tours, Gastown, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

My Vancouver: Gastown Food Tour, tasty goodness for the eyes

Taste Vancouver Food Tours provides an excursion through one of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods with nuggets of history and morsels of food. Over 2.5 hours in Gastown, we make the following stops (see list below) where there’s enough food in total to fill a person up, but there are individual standouts where we wanted more.

  1. Starbucks – Waterfront Station
  2. SteamWorks Brew Pub – website
  3. Brioche Urban Eatery – website
  4. 131 Water Kitchen & Bar – website
  5. Peckinpah – website
  6. Bao Down Gastown – website, see also my 1-picture post
  7. Soft Peaks – website
  8. Trees Organic Gastown – website
  9. Canadian Maple Delights (Délices Érable & Cie) – website
  10. Roger’s Chocolates – website

I’ll let the following pictures do the talking and describing, but my 3 favourites are the Bao Chicka Bao Bao sandwich at Bao Down, the Sicilian tortellini at 131 Water, and the pulled pork sandwich at Peckinpah.

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Wurstkuchl, Regensburg, Bayern, Germany,

Regensburg: Wurstkuchl, historic sausage kitchen

It must be midday, and time for lunch. There’s a queue more than twenty deep for the takeaway- or takeout-counter, as people walk away with a long thin grilled sausage sitting snug in an undersized oval bun. Next to the Döner, I’m also fond of the “Bratwurst”, or grilled pork sausage.

Along the Danube promenade in Regenburg’s Old Town is the historical sausage kitchen, formally “Die Historische Wurstkuchl zu Regensburg”, better known as “Wurstkuchl”. The Wurstkuchl is known as the oldest running grilled-sausage stand in the world, with the presence of a stand serving food to labourers from town and visitors from the river since the 12th-century (A,B).

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Watching Nicola make conch salad, Doc Sands, Potters Cay, Nassau, Bahamas,

Eat Like A Bahamian: 4 Ways to Get Conched

I’m basking in the Bahamian sun, collecting rays and passing time on the warm white sand.

It’s not long before I’m learning how to eat like a Bahamian. I’m craving for conch, peas and rice, and cold Kalik beer.

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The Fiddlers Arms, Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Scotland

myRTW Food Tally, 4th-quarter 2012

From September to December of 2012, I completed the year of travel, and the year of consumption also concluded with time in Sydney, Australia, before moving onto Cape Town, South Africa, and the final three months in Europe.

One thing remains true as ever – the hunt for good food continues …

To check out the food-tally from the beginning of 2012:
•   Food tally, 1st-quarter
•   Food tally, 2nd-quarter
•   Hong Kong, the food score in June (2012)
•   Food tally, 3rd-quarter

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Chin Chin Eating House, Singapore

myRTW Food Tally, 3rd-quarter 2012

Featured: Steamed chicken rice, condiments, omelette with scallions. Chin Chin Eating House, Singapore – 2 July 2012.

After spending the entire month of June (2012) in Hong Kong, I visited Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia between July and September in continuation of the year-long around-the-world trip. I continued finding food, and it hasn’t stopped me from wanting more. With the following taken with a 4th-generation iPod Touch: come, look, salivate.

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Hong Kong: the total 3-week food score

Above/featured: Dim sum/yum cha, The Graces (玉桃軒), Lee Theatre Plaza, Causeway Bay – 10 Jun 2012.

I wrote recently about what I ate during the 2nd-quarter of 2012 on my continuing around-the-world (RTW) trip. As I spent over 3 weeks of June in Hong Kong, I wanted to give the food in Hong Kong its fair due: look, salivate, and enjoy. Also, check out this visually appealing beginners’ guide to dim sum.

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myRTW Food Tally, 2nd-quarter 2012

I admit it – I’ve consumed a lot of food. I still want more.

In the months of April, May, and June of 2012, I ate well in the following places:

  • Toronto, Canada
  • Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN
  • Washington, DC
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Nassau, The Bahamas
  • Hong Kong

Come, bask in the glory of delicious consumption … at least up to and including the month of May. Where’s June? The month of June in Hong Kong is a separate post.

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myRTW Food Tally, 1st-quarter 2012

Between the final week of 2011 and the end of March 2012, I made all of the photos above with a 4th-generation iPod Touch (960 pix by 720 pix). It’s remarkable how much food I’ve managed to stuff in the cake hole – sometimes, the food was more elaborate; other times, a coffee and donut were all I needed. Looking back over the last three months only makes me hungry again.

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Sydney SIFF 2010: Rubyos, in Newtown

(Written and posted 7 October 2010.)

The Crave Sydney International Food Festival (SIFF) is happening around the metro Sydney area for the entire month of October.

One of the highlights occurs Sunday (2010 Oct 10) when the Sydney Harbour Bridge will be closed to all vehicular traffic for “Breakfast on the Bridge“, effectively turning the bridge into a large picnic area for BYO breakfast or brunch.

One of the “Precinct Promotions” for the SIFF is happening in a hip area called Newtown (just south-southwest of the University of Sydney campus), packed with heaps of shops and a wide variety of cafes and restaurants. “A Taste of Newtown” features seven restaurants. We made the leap and chose to dine at one of the restaurants, Rubyos, last night (Oct 6).

Dining at Rubyos is meant to be family-style or yum-cha like, and their mains are strongly influenced by Asian and Mediterranean flavours. The special SIFF menu is a pretty good deal with at least half a dozen mains plus a drink all for $41 AUD per person. However, the menu included pork and shrimp/seafood which my two accompanying friends could not eat. This was just fine, so we dove into their regular menu.

We chose the following six to share.

Rubyos Sydney food

Peking duck, with rice flour pancakes, hoi sin sauce, and traditional garnish

Rubyos Sydney food

Rubyos’ “Nicoise” of hot smoked salmon, with potato crisps, oven dried tomatoes, sliced quail egg, and black olive puree

Rubyos Sydney food

Tea-smoked tofu, with wok tossed asparagus, black wood ear mushroom, water chestnuts, and a ginger & shallot sauce

Rubyos Sydney food

Crispy fried tuna, with a sour red curry sauce, sticky black coconut rice, thin rice noodle, and candied chili

Rubyos Sydney food

Oregano and almond crusted salmon, with chunky skordalia, rocket, and a tomato & black olive salsa

Rubyos Sydney food

Meatballs of wagyu beef, flavoured with tuscan herbs, and smothered in rich tomato concasse & melted cheddar

Totally stuffed and a bit forlorn at not being able to sample their dessert menu, we all felt that six mains would have been ideal for four people with a much stronger chance afterwards for dessert.

It’s too bad I’m leaving Sydney on the weekend, as I would’ve loved to sample more of the Food Festival over the remaining weeks.

Rubyos Sydney foodRubyos Sydney foodRubyos Sydney foodRubyos Sydney food

I made the ten photos above on 6 Oct 2010. Initially published 7 Oct 2010 on Posterous, this post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at fotoeins DOT com as

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