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Freistaat Bayern, The Free State of Bavaria

Bavaria 2018: 100 years of statehood

Featured image: The blue and white diamonds (fusils) are a familiar Bavarian symbol, adopted in the late 13th-century by the Wittelsbach family who ruled Bavaria from 1180 to 1918.

As a product of the coastal and mountainous Canadian Southwest, I always feel the pull exerted by the Bavarian Alps regardless of where I am in Germany; it’s been this way over the past 18 years. But there’s more to Bavaria than fairytale castles, Oktoberfest, and BMW, although they’re spot on for the Wurst (sausage). And frankly, there’s a ton more to Germany than Bavaria, but that’s one of many reasons for this entire blogsite after all.

Located in southeast Germany, Bavaria includes more than a half-dozen World Heritage Sites, the pre-Easter Fasching/Fastnacht festival, the sight of Audis on the Autobahn, over one thousand years of wine-making in Franconia, and violin-making since the late 17th-century, among many things to explore, eat, and experience.

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Haidplatz, Altstadt, Regensburg, Bayern, Bavaria, Germany,

Fotoeins Friday: Night vigil at Regensburg’s Haidplatz

The photo above shows the west-facing view to the “apex” of the triangular space called Haidplatz (literally, Heath Square) which is an important historical space in Regensburg’s Old Town. “Haid-” is related to the present-day German word “Heide”, meaning heath, moor, or specifically, an area of open uncultivated land, which is now only a reference to the open space in the past.

At the centre of the photo is the Justitiabrunnen (Fountain of Justice, 1656) and a little to the right of centre in the background is Zum Goldenen Kreuz (At the Golden Cross, built initially in 1250) with its tower and castle-like appearance. Regensburg’s Old Town and StadtamHof (across the Danube river) make up the city’s designation as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006.

On my way to dinner, I’m passing through Haidplatz again to come across an impromptu vigil to commemorate the events of 13 November in Paris.

Haidplatz, Altstadt, Regensburg, Bayern, Bavaria, Germany,

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Thanks to Regensburg Tourism for hosting my visit from 13 to 15 November 2015 and to Hotel Central Regensburg for providing a quiet and comfortable stay. I made the two photos above on 14 November 2015 with the Canon EOS6D, the 24-105 L zoom-lens, and the following settings: 1/15s and 1/40s, f/4, ISO20000, and 24mm focal length. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

Wurstkuchl, Regensburg, Bayern, Germany,

Wurstkuchl: at the historic sausage kitchen in Regensburg

It must be midday, and time for lunch. There’s a queue more than twenty deep for the takeaway- or takeout-counter, as people walk away with a long thin grilled sausage sitting snug in an undersized oval bun. Next to the Döner, I’m also fond of the “Bratwurst”, or grilled pork sausage.

Along the Danube promenade in Regenburg’s Old Town is the historical sausage kitchen, formally “Die Historische Wurstkuchl zu Regensburg”, better known as “Wurstkuchl”. The Wurstkuchl is known as the oldest running grilled-sausage stand in the world, with the presence of a stand serving food to labourers from town and visitors from the river since the 12th-century.

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