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Maibaum, Kirche St. Johann Baptist, Wiener Platz, Au-Haidhausen, Muenchen, Munich, Bayern, Bavaria, Germany, Deutschland,

Fotoeins Friday around Munich: Maibaum am Wiener Platz

Above/featured: Maypole at Wiener Platz, facing west to the church of St. John the Baptist.

If I hadn’t already identified the location as somewhere inside Munich, one would think this was the main square in a small Bavarian town. The square here was named “Wiener Platz” (Vienna Square) in 1891 next to an access route joining with the main road leading east-southwest out of Munich in the direction of Vienna. The farmers’ market here in the square opened for the first time in November 1901. After destruction from bombing in World War Two, survivors rebuilt the square in the post-war years. Dressed in the distinctive Bavarian colours of blue and white, the Maibaum (May pole) was raised in the centre of the square in May 2013; the original tree was felled a few months earlier in the forest near Arget (Sauerlach) south of Munich.

I made this photo on 23 Feb 2017 with the Canon EOS6D mark1, 24-105 glass, and the following settings: 1/800-sec, f/11, ISO500, and 28mm focal length. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at fotoeins DOT com as

2 Responses to “Fotoeins Friday around Munich: Maibaum am Wiener Platz”


    What a pleasure for me to see a Maibaum, I never the right translation for it. Wienerplatz, is more in the eastern part of downtown Munich, it has become a really nice neighborhood.
    The Maibaum is real tradition even in the country side of Bavaria. It’s been put up on the first of May, which is a holiday in Germany, needing lots of strong men, of course some beer helps to make it more fun. People sported in their folkloric outfits, are dancing around the Maibaum along with traditional Bavarian live music. Way back in the times, boys would propose to a girl.
    Thank you this wonderful share, Henry.

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    • fotoeins

      Thanks for your comment, Cornelia. I’ve never seen a Maibaum/may pole being installed, live and in person. That would be very interesting to witness.

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