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Fotoeins Friday: winter surfing at Munich’s Eisbach

Only the experienced surfers are advised and encourage to tackle this 1-metre (3-foot) high standing wave in the middle of Munich. On a side branch of the Isar river, the Eisbachwelle (literally, “cold brook wave”) is a sensational spot to watch surfers line up to ride the wave, as well as to watch curious onlookers from both resident and visitor alike. With the river’s headwaters in the Alps, the water has a green tinge because of the chalky white deposits.

I made the photo above on 23 February 2017 with the Canon 6D, 24-105 zoom, and the following settings: 1/5-sec, f/22, ISO100, and 24mm focal length. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at as


•   Toytown Germany, in English
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6 Responses to “Fotoeins Friday: winter surfing at Munich’s Eisbach”

    • fotoeins

      I passed by the Eisbach again a few days ago, and even though it was solidly warm out in Munich for late-spring, almost all the surfers wore bodysuits. As you rightly state, the waters are “fresh” from the Alps after all.

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    • fotoeins

      Hi and thanks, Cornelia. Oh yes, “ice(water) creek” is a good description of the water flowing here and in the larger Isar river. During my most recent visit to Munich (last month), I went to the MUCA museum/gallery to see the exhibit by the German street-artist duo “herakut”, I went to the Olympic Village and a part of the Olympic Park, I went to the Jewish Museum primarily to see an exhibition “A Muslim, A Christian, and A Jew …” by Israeli artist Eran Shakine, and I finally gathered the courage to visit KZ-Dachau. I had intended to spend at most 3-4 hours there; I ended up staying the entire 8 hours from opening to closing. Altogether, time spent inside KZ-Dachau was a tremendously moving and thought-provoking experience.

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    • corneliaweberphotography

      Hi Henry, you covered a lot during your visit in Munich, so happy for you. I know what you mean by having the courage to visit Dachau. Growing up at the outskirt of Munich Untermenzing, I remember a field trip to Dachau when I was in Elementary school. It was so terrified as a child of probably 9 years old, and I do remember the deep shame that I felt. As well as an adult when I travelled to Israel, visiting Jad Vasham ( not sure if I pronounce it correctly) I had tear rolling down my cheeks, as I recall that tremendous impact on me. Anyhow, thank you for checking in and happy travelling!

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  1. My Mittenwald: mountains, masks, music, Mahlzeit!

    […] Mittenwald is about 15 km from the headwaters or source of the Isar river in Austria’s Hinterautal valley below the Karwendel Alps. The word “Isar” has Roman-Celtic origins with “Isaria” meaning “rapids” or “torrent”. Many in Munich will be familiar with the Isar river which flanks the Englischer Garten city park and with the river’s offshoot into Eisbachwelle creek where year-round urban surfing takes place. […]



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