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U6 train, Oranienburger Tor, Berlin, Germany,

My Berlin: Hauptstadt Memories, 2009-2010

Berlin is one of my favourite cities in the world. Since visiting the German capital city the first time in 2002, it’s been an ongoing love story, which now is entering a second decade.

There are a massive number of sights throughout Berlin, but to get a sense of the city and her people, I’ve always believed in combining public transport (trains!) with lots of “pounding the pavement” on foot. The photographs above are personal measurements of motion, geometry, a sense of place, and of locations around the “Hauptstadt.” Upon reflection, I’ve consciously chosen images which are (mostly) out of the direct spotlight of visitors, and even at well-visited locations, I’ve chosen a a longer focal length and/or a tighter crop to show a different point of view.

"Partner city: Los Angeles", Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany,

(2) “Partner city: Los Angeles”, Alexanderplatz

Geistkämpfer, Gesthemane Church, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany,

(3) Geistkämpfer (Spirit Fighter), Gesthemane Church, Prenzlauer Berg

ta(u)sche, Helmholtzplatz, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany,

(4) ta(u)sche, Helmholtzplatz, Prenzlauer Berg

Two towers, Strausberger Platz, Karl-Marx-Allee, Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany,

(5) Two towers, Strausberger Platz, Friedrichshain

Two towers, Frankfurter Tor, Karl-Marx-Allee, Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany,

(6) Two towers, Frankfurter Tor, Friedrichshain

Blue U, Frankfurter Tor, Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany,

(7) Blu U, Frankfurter Tor, Friedrichshain

U1 train, bicyclist, Oberbaumbrücke, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany,

(8) U1 train + bicycle, Oberbaumbrücke, Kreuzberg

Mysliwska, Schlesische Strasse & Cuvrystrasse, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany,

(9) Consumption, Mysliwska, Kreuzberg

Arena Berlin, Alt-Treptow, Berlin, Germany,

(10 Winter patio, Arena Berlin, Alt-Treptow

Abendkasse, Arena Berlin, Alt-Treptow, Berlin, Germany,

(11) Berlin bear + Arena Berlin box office, Alt-Treptow

Brunnen der Völkerfreundschaft, Fountain of International Friendship, Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany,

(12) Fountain of International Friendship, Alexanderplatz

Mutter mit totem Sohn, Käthe Kollwitz, Neue Wache, Mitte, Berlin, Germany,

(13) “Mother with dead son”, by Käthe Kollwitz, Neue Wache

12 tram, Bhf Friedrichstrasse, Mitte, Berlin, Germany,

(14) The 12 tram, Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse

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I made all of the photos above with the Canon EOS450D (XSi) camera in October 2009 and March 2010. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

10 Responses to “My Berlin: Hauptstadt Memories, 2009-2010”

    • fotoeins

      Hi, Maria. I hope you can find your way to Berlin as soon as possible. Fair warning though: Berlin may be the nation’s capital, but some will say: Berlin is not Germany. I think that’s true and wholly complimentary. 🙂 Thanks for reading and for your kind comment!


  1. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    Lovely photos! I went as part of a school trip when I was in high school but it’s been years and I would love to go back and see the city on my own terms – I keep hearing how diverse it is and how much there is to see and do! Thanks for sharing your photos!


    • fotoeins

      Hi and thanks, Shikha. Parts of Berlin change by the week or month! I hope you have a chance to go back and visit soon. Thanks again for reading and for your kind comment!


  2. Bob R

    Very nice mini-tour, Henry. Berlin has long been on my short short list of favorite European capitals. 🙂


    • fotoeins

      Thanks, Bob. Given what I’ve seen (and enjoyed) of your photography from other European capitals, I have much to look forward in the future. 😉 Thanks again!


    • fotoeins

      Hi and thanks, Adelina. I look forward to hearing about your return to Berlin, too! 🙂


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