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Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany, Partnerstadt, Los Angeles,

L-A Blue

Above/featured: “Partner cities”: Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany – 4 Oct 2009 (450D).

The following is an examination of how much the colour blue has permeated throughout images I’ve made from 2008 to 2018, from mountain tops to bodies of water and a handful of cities in between. In most photos, captions include a link for further examination.

Stained glass, Technika Slboproudá, Pasáž Světozor, Praha, Prag, Prague, Czech Republic,

For the company once called TEchnika SLAboproudá (small-current technology), one of the last remaining remnants to show the company’s past existence is the stained-glass mural inside Ovocný Pasáž Světozor: Praha, Czech Republic – 27 Jul 2013 (450D).

Westfriedhof, U1, U7, U-Bahn München, MVV, München, Munich, Germany, Deutschland,

Westfriedhof, U-Bahn station (U1/U7): München, Germany – 2 Jun 2018 (FX70).

The cameras denoted are 450D for Canon 450D, C6D for Canon 6D, and FX70 for Fujifilm X70; alle Fotoaufnahmen sind mit Wasserzeichen versehen worden. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at as

14 Responses to “L-A Blue”

    • fotoeins

      Thank you, Tina. It was a lot of fun to think about what kind of images would work best for the LAPC. Thanks to you and others for hosting the weekly challenge.


  1. Nancie

    Beautiful series. Henry. Impossible to choose a favourite! 🙂 However, snorkelling in the Bahamas would be a nice way to pass some time! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • fotoeins

      Hi and thanks, Nancie; I hope you’re having a great Maritime summer! How do you feel now after being back in Canada for some time?


  2. Patterns (LAPC)

    […] only did I enjoy my first Lens Artists Photo Challenge (LAPC) with a look at the colour blue, I had fun seeing how other people saw and interpreted the […]



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