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Under the desert sun (LAPC)

Above/featured: Ruta 5 (highway 5), a ribbon-like cut through the desert in Región de Atacama, Chile – 24 Nov 2009 (450D).

It’s an interesting question: how does one consider, view, or photograph what’s under the sun? There’s a lot of room for interpretation. Modifying the theme for the desert sun, I examine the “quality of sunlight” within the Atacama Desert in northern and north-central Chile, and within the Sonoran Desert in southwest United States.

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seaplane, Harbour Air, Stanley Park, Burrard Inlet, Salish Sea, North Shore, West Vancouver, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

Seasons: winter (LAPC)

Above/featured: Harbour Air seaplane landing in Burrard Inlet: Vancouver, BC – 6 Dec 2016.

In winter, low-lying areas in the Canadian southwest don’t get snow, but when there’s a dump of at least an inch or two, that’s enough to paralyze the cities’ streets. Drivers are spoiled by the lack of snow, unaccustomed to dealing with the slip and slide. But after a snow event, the day after brings out the sun, almost like clockwork. To that end, I’ve always been fascinated by winter views on snow-capped summits; it’s about the view after all.

In the languages with which I’m familiar, the word “winter” appears as:

  • Chinese: 冬季
  • French: l’hiver
  • German: der Winter
  • Spanish: el invierno

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Autumn fog, Salish Sea, First Narrows, Stanley Park, Burrard Inlet, Lions Gate Bridge, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

Seasons: autumn (LAPC)

Above/featured: Annual autumn marine fog: Vancouver, BC – 7 Oct 2014 (6D1).

For me, autumn or fall represents a change for deciduous trees, bringing about deep reds, oranges, and yellows for a brief period before the leaves fall, and signifying the ultimate transition to winter. In languages with which I’m most familiar, the word “autumn” (or fall) appears as:

  • Chinese: 秋季
  • French: l’automne
  • German: der Herbst
  • Spanish: el otoño

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UBC Flag Pole, Main Mall, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

Seasons: spring (LAPC)

Above/featured: University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada – 6 May 2014.

So then. July 2020 is the month of “seasons” for LAPC.

Spring is a resurgence of colour and revitalization of spirit, with more light of day and the reappearance of flowering trees and plants. In languages with which I’m most familiar, the word “spring” appears as:

  • Chinese: 春季
  • French: le printemps
  • German: der Frühling
  • Spanish: la primavera

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Two vs. two volleyball, Spanish Banks East, Spanish Banks, English Bay, Salish Sea, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

Seasons: summer (LAPC)

Above/featured: Beach volleyball at Spanish Banks: Vancouver, Canada – 18 Jul 2013.

So then, July 2020 is the month of “seasons” for LAPC, and the theme begins in current (northern) summer.

For me, summer largely represents deep blues and greens, a time of year with long hot days and short comfortable nights. It’s an opportunity to observe early sunrises to the northeast, and relatively late sunsets to the northwest. In languages with which I’m most familiar, the word “summer” also appears as:

  • Chinese: 夏季
  • French: l’été
  • German: der Sommer
  • Spanish: el verano

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