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Bumble Bee Ranch Adventures, Bumble Bee, ghost town, Sunset Point Rest Stop, Black Canyon City, AZ, USA,

Small towns in the American Southwest (LAPC)

Above/featured: I-17 Sunset Point Rest Stop, near ghost town of Bumble Bee: Black Canyon City, AZ – 17 Oct 2018 (X70).

A memorable road trip through the American Southwest included over three-thousand miles of driving through Arizona (AZ) and New Mexico (NM). We encountered many small towns: some of them were easy to pass through, while others were “must see”. We wanted to stop in as many as we could, but time and itinerary were as always the usual culprits. Guess we’ll have to return.

  • Abiquiú, NM: about 250 people
  • Bitter Springs, AZ: about 400 people
  • Continental Divide, AZ: about 500 people
  • Magdalena, NM: about 900 people
  • Marble Canyon, AZ: about 400 people
  • Pie Town, NM: about 200 people
  • Quemado, NM: about 250 people
  • Show Low, AZ: about 11000 people
  • Springerville, AZ: about 2000 people
  • Taos Pueblo, NM: about 200 people

I gathered population estimates online from Wikipedia and/or the US Census, and I’ve rounded the numbers up to the nearest 50.

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ÖBB, Österreichische Bundesbahnen, Austrian Federal Railways, Kitzbühel, Austria, Österreich,

Picture frames (LAPC)

Above/featured: On board ÖBB train, near Kitzbühel, Austria – 13 May 2018.

At what am I looking really? What I see is much more outside of the camera field and outside of the image itself. What I choose to show is constrained by the artificial border which I’ve imposed on what I’ve seen. Going further, I’ve invited the challenge of presenting only in square format with an “unspoken requirement” for central symmetry. But if done correctly, sometimes it’s the jarring “asymmetry” that poses questions about what’s on display. Whether or not images are compelling is left as an exercise to the reader.

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Interislander ferry, Kaitaki, Cook Strait, Raukawa Moana, New Zealand, Aotearoa,

Seescape seascapes (LAPC)

Above/featured: Crossing Cook Strait in winter mist and fog, catching first sight of New Zealand’s South Island – 14 July 2012 (450D).

Some time ago, the challenge was people’s take on cityscapes. The present challenge looks out to the water, and while lakes are nice, I like the opportunities afforded by the ocean or the sea. The word “seascape” is a noun whose definition is “a view of an expanse of sea.” I’m pleased to present the following “seescapes” with the allure of open waters in mind:

  1. Australia: HMAS Sydney I memorial, Sydney
  2. Australia: Port Arthur, Sydney
  3. Canada: Strait of Georgia, Salish Sea
  4. England: Dover Cliffs from English Channel
  5. Germany: Bodensee (Lake Constance)
  6. Germany: Wadden Sea mud flats
  7. Hong Kong: outlying islands in South China Sea
  8. Italy: Ligurian Sea from Cinque Terre
  9. New Zealand: Akaroa Harbour and the Pacific
  10. New Zealand: Milford Sound and the Pacific
  11. South Africa: where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet
  12. Sweden: Stockholm archipelago, Baltic Sea
  13. USA: Puget Sound, Salish Sea

Meere Seen – mehre Seen – mehr sehen1.

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Bahnhof Garmisch-Partenkirchen, train station, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bayern, Bavaria, Oberbayern, Upper Bavaria, Germany, Duetschland,

GAP, you glorious beaut (LAPC)

Above/featured: Garmisch-Partenkirchen train station, with the characteristic red of Deutsche Bahn’s regional trains – 27 Feb 2017 (HL, 6D1).

The Lens Artists Photo Challenge or LAPC is marking its one-year anniversary, and moderators and participants are going free with their own choices to highlight their respective images. I’m pleased to present here one of my favourite spots to visit in Germany: Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GAP)* is located in southern Bavaria near the international border with Austria.

I’ve stayed in GAP four times: 2002, 2011, 2017, and 2018; I’m kinda fond of Biohotel Bavaria.

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Capilano River, Capilano watershed, North Vancouver, BC, Canada, Helijet, West Coast Spectacular tour,

Five philosophical phases (LAPC)

Above/featured: Earth, water, and wood in the Canadian Southwest: Capilano river watershed north of Vancouver, BC – 16 May 2014 (6D1).

The five phases or elements in Chinese philosophy, 五行, have been around in some form since at least 200 BC/BCE. If they began from a philosophical or astrological attempt to describe and connect various kinds of observed phenomena, I’ll bring that forward to present-day observations, and tie them to scientific processes and achievements of human creativity or ingenuity.

  1. EARTH – Northern Chile
  2. FIRE – Big Island of Hawai’i
  3. METAL – Christchurch
  4. WATER – Iguacu Falls
  5. WOOD – Lake Constance

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