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From an RTW: Places 1st and Once (LAPC)

Featured: Akaroa, New Zealand – 16 July 2012.

I am a Million Miler with American Airlines with an accumulated total of over 1.2 million air-miles flown. Many miles of travel have gotten me thinking about all the places where I’ve had the great fortune of living and visiting. During my year-long ’round-the-world’ (RTW) in 2012, my frequent-flyer standing allowed me to get affordable convenient flights within the U.S. and to use business-class lounges with Oneworld partner airlines elsewhere.

I visited these places for the first time: San Miguel de Allende in México; Nassau in the Bahamas; Mekong River Delta in Vietnam; Singapore; New Zealand’s South Island; Adelaide, Canberra, and Perth in Australia; Cape Town in South Africa; Edinburgh in Scotland; and Cuxhaven in Germany. I’ve yet to return to these locations, but the following visuals remind me why I want to go back.

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18 for 18, Fotoeins Fotograms

18 for 18: Fotoeins Fotograms of 2018

Above/Featured: A test image with the X70: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC – 1 May.

In continuing my year-end reviews over the last five consecutive years, I look back at 2018 through 18 Instagram images from two major travel events: Austria and Germany in May, and the American Southwest in October. One big change to the way I think about and carry out my photography has been the addition of a compact mirrorless fixed-prime camera, the Fujifilm X70, which I obtained in May.

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Magical light, sorcerers’ delight (LAPC)

Above/featured: Cross of the Third Millennium in Coquimbo: from La Serena, Chile – 7 May 2011 (450D).

Time has been kind, and I’ve been lucky to witness many displays of light and colour, and how both have combined to produce a visual brand of magic, by day and at night, at altitude and at sea-level. Sometimes it’s easy to catch the magic, but at other times, I’m forced onto active watch to get those special moments. That might well be work towards photographic sorcery.

I made all photos below between 2007 and 2018 with the following: A510 for the Canon Powershot A510, 450D for Canon 450D, C6D for Canon 6D, and X70 for Fujifilm X70. For LAPC no. 19 on 10 November 2018, this post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at as

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Look up, waaaaay up (LAPC)

Above/featured: Men at work: Sydney Opera House, Australia – 12 April 2013 (450D).

I see a tower or a mountain, and like most, I’ll want to go up for a panoramic view of the landscape below. Even at street- or ground-level, it’s sufficiently important to listen to that “inner voice,” when it gives a gentle nudge and says: “Hey. You might wanna look up, right now.” I’m certain someone will have a perfectly good explanation why this works, how all my senses work together to form a complete picture, and how my subconscious will alert me to something specific if I’m not paying full attention.

All photos below between 2009 and 2018 were with the following: 450D for Canon 450D, C6D for Canon 6D, and X70 for Fujifilm X70. For LAPC no. 13 on 29 September 2018, this post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at as

David Cerny, sculpture, contemporary art, Prague, Praha, Czech Republic,

Miminka (babies) on the television tower: Prague, Czech Republic – 14 March 2009 (450D).

Mauna Kea, telescope, observatory, Kohala, volcano, Big Island, Hawaii, USA,

Telescope domes on Mauna Kea, over mid-level clouds, over grazing cattle: Kohala Mountain Road, Big Island of Hawaii, USA – 7 December 2009 (450D).

Orion constellation, Sirius, Gemini Observatory, Gemini South, Cerro Pachon, Andes, Region de Coquimbo, Atacama Desert, Desierto de Atacama, Chile,

Telescope dome for Gemini Observatory South (left), facing north-northeast to Orion (centre) and Canis Major (right). Región de Coquimbo, Chile – 24 October 2010 (450D, 30 seconds handheld).

King's Road, Westlands Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong, myRTW,

The urban jungle: King’s Road, Quarry Bay. Hong Kong – 8 June 2012 (450D).

Franz Josef Glacier, Ka Roimata o Hinehukatere, Waiho river, Te Wāhipounamu, Westland Tai Poutini National Park, South Island, Te Waipounamu, New Zealand, Aotearoa,

Franz Josef Glacier (Ka Roimata o Hinehukatere), accessible from temperate rainforest. For scale, two white ovals mark the presence of other visitors. Westland Tai Poutini National Park, South Island, New Zealand – 20 July 2012 (450D).

Lufthansa, Airbus, A321-231, A322, D-AIDO, Tegel airport, TXL, Berlin, Germany,

Lufthansa D-AIDO Airbus 321-200(231), on final approach to TXL airport runway 26R (8L): Berlin, Germany – 7 December 2014 (C6D).

WSDOT Ferries, ferry, Puget Sound, Bremerton, Seattle, Washington, USA,

Flying partner, Washington State Ferries from Bremerton to Seattle: Puget Sound, WA, USA – 6 January 2015 (C6D).

Zugspitze, Tiroler Zugspitzbahn, Ehrwald, Tirol, Tyrol, Austria, Oesterreich,

West rock face of Zugspitze in afternoon light: Ehrwald, Austria – 25 February 2017 (C6D).

Marina Abramovic, Spirit of Mozart, Walk of Modern Art, street art, Staatsbrücke, Salzburg, Austria, Oesterreich,

A suspended seat in the sky: “Spirit of Mozart”, by Marina Abramovic. Salzburg, Austria – 21 May 2018 (X70).

Patterns (LAPC)

Above/featured: Gartenberg Falkenberg in Grünau : Berlin, Germany – 11 October 2017 (6D1).

Not only did I enjoy my first Lens Artists Photo Challenge (LAPC) with a look at the colour blue, I had fun seeing how other people saw and interpreted the colour.

What follows is a short examination of patterns I’ve seen over the last few years. I admit I’m not always looking for the regularity of patterns, but those who keep their eyes and apertures open should find them pop into their brains or onto their image detectors.

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