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Berlin: Wittenbergplatz on a foggy fall night

Over a couple of days in mid-November, the skies cleared as a high-pressure system sat over eastern Germany. With longer fall nights, little wind, and cooler air sneaking in from Poland and the Baltic countries, radiation- or ground-fog had settled over Berlin.

Presented below in three different ways is the view of U-Bahn station Wittenbergplatz under fog at night in Berlin. If you have a favourite, click on your choice in the poll below!


Wittenbergplatz, Berlin-Schöneberg, Germany


Wittenbergplatz, Berlin-Schöneberg, Germany


Wittenbergplatz, Berlin-Schöneberg, Germany

I made the photos above on 15 November 2012. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at

3 Responses to “Berlin: Wittenbergplatz on a foggy fall night”

  1. Anita Mac

    I have to say…they are all good. If I were to have to choose, I like the sepia – it gives an old world look to the station. Warmer than the B&W.


    • fotoeins

      Thanks, Anita. I agree that the sepia gives the overall scene a warmer feel; I think the black and white feels “stark” and detached.


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