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Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, East Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland

2 Days in Edinburgh

What happens over two days in Edinburgh?

I had an opportunity in early November to visit a friend in Edinburgh, Scotland; the city was a place I’d been looking forward to visiting for some time.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone the weather was cool, wet, grey, and windy … except when it was cool, dry, clear, and windy. The weather summary might have appeared something like: “mostly cloudy with rainshowers, accompanied by fresh westerlies and occasional clear spells.”

But coming from Vancouver, Canada, I really should be made of sterner stuff. Besides, the Old and New Town areas in Edinburgh were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995.

Here below a few highlights:

Haggis with neeps and tatties

Whiski Rooms, Edinburgh, Scotland

Lower left: Whiski’s rolled & breaded haddock, crushed peas, triple-cooked chips, with tartar sauce. Lower right: Macsween’s Haggis, bashed neeps, mashed potato, crispy leeks, with whiskey sauce.

A stop at Holyrood Park for …

Arthur's Seat, Salisbury Crags, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, Scotland

Holyrood Park: Arthur’s Seat (top), Salisbury Crags (bottom)

… a walk below Salisbury Crags

Salisbury Crags, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, Scotland

Along and below the escarpment that is Salisbury Crags

Salisbury Crags, Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh from “above” : Castle Hill at left, Calton Hill at right

End-to-end on the Royal Mile

Royal Mile, Abbey Strand, Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland

East end of Royal Mile, Abbey Strand at the Palace of Holyroodhouse

Royal Mile, Castle Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland

West end of Royal Mile, at Castle Hill

Getting to the heart of Midlothian

Heart of Midlothian, Tolbooth, Parliament Square West, High Street, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, Scotland

Heart of Midlothian, former Tolbooth : Parliament Square West, High Street, Royal Mile

Up to Calton Hill

Calton Hill, National Monument, Nelson Monument, City Observatory, Edinburgh, Scotland

Noon at Calton Hill : unfinished National Monument, Nelson Monument, City Observatory.

Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland: Parliamentary Cairn, Nelson Monument, National Monument; view south towards Holyrood's Salisbury Crags & late-fall noontime sun.

Calton Hill under late-fall noontime sun. Top: Parliamentary Cairn, Nelson Monument, unfinished National Monument. Bottom: south towards Holyrood Park’s Salisbury Crags.

A kilted Scot on the bagpipes

The Mound, East Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland

Lunchtime pipes at the Mound, East Princes Street Gardens

Fish and chips, cold Guinness

The Fiddler Arms, Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Scotland

Lunch special with a pint, for £8.50: The Fiddlers Arms, Grassmarket

Days must give way to nights

Candlemarker Row, Merchant Street, George IV Bridge, from Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Old Town, from Greyfriars Kirkyard

Evening rush, Princes Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

Evening rush in New Town : east on Princes Street, between Hanover and South St. David Streets.

Last one to leave, please turn out the lights …

I made the photos above with a 4th-generation iPod Touch and a Canon EOS450D during 7–8 November 2012. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at

9 Responses to “2 Days in Edinburgh”

  1. Nikki

    Great photos!! I’ve been debating on whether or not to visit Edinburgh (I’ve only been to Glasgow and the Highlands). Your post has made up my mind to add this city to my travel bucket list!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fotoeins

      Hi, Nikki! I’m glad my post and photos helped to convince you that Edinburgh is indeed worthy of your presence. 😉 Seriously, two days weren’t enough for Edinburgh, but the time was enough to get a good taste of the city and the area. I would love to go back to Edinburgh, and I’d like to see more of the country, especially the Highlands. Thanks for reading and for your comment!


    • fotoeins

      Thank you, Anita! First, I wanted to capture the Scotland flag in full “wave” flapping in the wind; second, that I managed to photograph both blue sky and the blue flag was a great coincidence which fortunately worked out in the end. I really appreciate your reading and commenting! 🙂


    • fotoeins

      Hi and thanks, Debbie! Yes, please visit Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland! As has been my m.o. for the last 12 months, I’ve mostly been visiting with friends around the world; Edinburgh was on the list, and I had promised my friend who lives there. The weather may be a constant (sore?) point of conversation throughout the year, but I think the city and weather work well together. I also agree about the great meal combination of fish & chips with Guinness: fish and chips served hot, Guinness served cold! 🙂 Thanks again for your comment, Debbie!


  2. Number 38: from the Crags down to the (Edin)Burgh | Fotoeins WIDE

    […] Up on the escarpment at Salisbury Crags, people in Edinburgh are hiking across Holyrood Park to go from one part of town to the other. Perhaps, there are faster or less strenuous options, but there’s a beautiful view with fresh breezes from the waters of the Firth. With the Firth of Forth in the background, you can see from Edinburgh Castle in the west, through the Old and New Town, a bonus rainbow, to Calton Hill in the east. To see more about the two days I spent in Edinburgh, click here. […]



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