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Heritage Horns, Pan Pacific, Flickr user ppacificvancouver, Wikimedia

Daily national anthem at noon in Vancouver

O Vancouver, give us each day our daily national anthem …

How does anyone in downtown Vancouver know it’s 12pm?

Look at their watch? That’s too easy …

Dig out their smartphone? That’s just boring …

How about stepping outside to have a listen …

Coming home from school in the Strathcona neighbourhood, I always looked forward to “lunch o’clock”. At the stroke of noon (give or take a few minutes), the first four notes of the national anthem would blare out, and these notes could by heard by anyone for many miles around.

Formerly located on top of The Electra building (former BC Hydro headquarters) in downtown Vancouver, the horns were relocated to Canada Place and are now labeled the Heritage Horns.

Not only is the national anthem known around the world, the “red, white, and maple leaf” flag is also recognized universally as a symbol of Canada. Every year on February 15, Canada celebrates the anniversary of its flag.

I made the video above on 7 February 2012 with a 4th-generation iPod Touch. The featured image of the Heritage Horns from Wikimedia is from Flickr user ppacificvancouver. This post appears originally on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

9 Responses to “Daily national anthem at noon in Vancouver”

    • fotoeins

      Hi, Christina.

      It’s not entirely obvious, is it? 🙂 It’s a great thing to experience at noon, one I’ve always had since I was a boy. The daily national anthem (or the first four notes) is definitely worth sharing.

      Thanks for reading and for commenting!


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