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I’ve published the following books on Blurb.

I’m a big believer in the tactile nature of holding a book and flipping the pages with your hands. It’s especially true with photography, as I’d like the viewer to slow down and to relax their need (or ease) of swiping away a photo from one to the next. I also love books, and I believe in the accessibility for people of all ages to a wide variety of books in public libraries.

Germany (2008-2011)

“Just like home”.

As strange as it might sound coming from a Canadian, I feel at home every time I step foot on German soil. Having lived there for 2 years, I have returned at least once every year since 2003. This book includes a number of photographic observations of my time in country between 2008 and 2011 inclusive.


Sydney (2012)

“Sydney: a common sight”

Observations and photographs in Sydney, Australia, during September and October 2012. I made these photos during a 2-month stay in Australia as part of my year-long around-the-world journey.


Hong Kong (2012)


I spent a month in Hong Kong as part of my year-long around-the-world journey. The following Images highlight a few aspects of everyday life throughout Hong Kong and the surrounding area. As descendants of people from southern China and Hong Kong, my childhood memories in Vancouver’s Chinatown are directly connected to these adulthood experiences.


RTW (Around the world) in 2012

“389: Transitory Impressions”

I’ve selected important photographs from a very personal journey: 389 consecutive days around the world out on the road.



I’m working on the following projects and themes, with a goal to produce a book that’s over 50 pages …

  • Berlin: over 3 months towards the end of my RTW
  • Chile : collected memories since 2006
  • Christmas markets: happy consequences of my annual habit to be present in Europe in late-November to early-December
  • Cologne: the city and my favourite “Kölner Kiez” (neighbourhood) of Ehrenfeld
  • Contact points“: of physical intersections and personal connections; where fortune meets the open shutter
  • Prague: stepping over and beyond my personal “práh”, the challenge after at least a dozen visits is to summarize how beautiful this city is and how much she means to me
  • RTW portraits : of a number of people along the way
  • Squared away : selections from Instagrams
  • Te Waipounamou : New Zealand’s South Island from 3 weeks during RTW

I’ve already completed two books on these personal projects:

  • Dad’s final three weeks of life
  • an aging 16-year old cat, more poignant now that one of the cat’s owners has died.

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