Nationalpark Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeer, Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Wattenmeer, Wadden Sea, Elbe river, Cuxhaven, Niedersachsen, Lower Saxony, Germany, Deutschland,

Fotoeins Friday: RTW10, fifty-four

10 years ago, I began an around-the-world (RTW) journey lasting 389 consecutive days, from 24 December 2011 to 15 January 2013 inclusive.

3 January 2013.

It’s a brand new year, and I’ve made my way to northern Germany where brisk sea breezes from the North Sea sweep into the waters of the Watten Sea. Parts of this territory are protected as nature park, wildlife refuge, and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some smaller sections can be accessed, especially at low tide as seen in this image. Half-hidden in early-winter mist are two ships travelling southeast (left to right) into the mouth of the Elbe river.

I made the image on 3 Jan 2013 with a Canon EOS450D (Rebel XSi) and these settings: 1/320-sec, f/5.6, ISO400, and 49mm focal length (78mm full-frame equivalent). This post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at fotoeins DOT com as

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