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21 sonic landmarks to travel by

Above/featured: Late-winter sun over Lands End, San Francisco, USA – 18 Mar 2012 (HL).

These are sonic landmarks and signposts marking passages of time. They’re also some of my favourite tunes to set the tone by which I’ll travel or while away the hours. That’s when I allow my mind to wander in dreamless landscapes, disentangle wished-upon possibilities, trek through inaccessible realms, sail on faraway seas, and arrive at a distant universe where Dad’s kickin’ it large with age.

With a sprinkling of songs in German and Spanish, your kilometrage may vary with these songs between 1975 and 2017. Select a single track or the entire playlist; I hope you enjoy listening to one and all.

Artist Song Album
Kate Bush Running Up That Hill Hounds of Love
Tom Cochrane & Red Rider Ocean Blues (Emotion Blue) Tom Cochrane & Red Rider
Die Ärzte Schrei nach Liebe
(“cry for love”)
Die Bestie in Menschengestalt
54-40 One Day In Your Life Show Me
Genesis Keep It Dark Abacab
Matthew Good Weapon Avalanche
Jesse y Joy Electricidad
Juli Elektrisches Gefühl
(“electric feeling”)
In Love
Louka Flimmern
Flimmern EP
Keane Atlantic Under the Iron Sea
Pearl Jam Off He Goes Live at the Showbox
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here
Radiohead How to Disappear Completely Kid A
Radiohead Let Down OK Computer
Rush # YYZ Moving Pictures
Silbermond Himmel auf
(“open skies”)
Himmel auf
Silbermond Unendlich
Laut gedacht
Temple of the Dog Hunger Strike (1991)
Hunger Strike (2011 live)
Temple of the Dog
Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (Elvis version) Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
The Sundays Goodbye Blind
The Sundays My Finest Hour Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
Entire playlist

I published my list on 31 July 2017; the post appears on fotoeins DOT com as Edited: 10 Jan 2020, 1 Dec 2018.

# Neil Peart, author and drummer and songwriter with the Canadian rock band Rush, died on 7 Jan 2020 at age 67 from brain cancer. The first time I truly heard Rush was alone in the mountains of north-central Chile. It was a beautiful spring September evening: clear skies, and running solo at the helm of a 60-cm telescope at Las Campanas Observatory. Melody and rhythm echoed inside the dome and around the Atacama landscape, a voyage through space and time (src).

6 Responses to “21 sonic landmarks to travel by”

  1. suesharpe04

    Thanks for sharing your list – Some of my favourites in amongst that lot – and some new (to me) artists to explore!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fotoeins

      Thank you, Sue, for your kind comment. it was a bit of a task to narrow the list down to a “mere” 20 to 22 songs 😅
      Which songs do we have in common?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. suesharpe04

    I doubt that I could condense to only 20-22!
    Kate Bush, Genesis and, of course, Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here – a long-standing favourite of mine!

    Liked by 1 person

    • fotoeins

      Hi, Sue. It was interesting (and difficult) to shrink the list to what it is now. I’ll probably change or add entries to the list in the near future 😆


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