Matthew Good

The MG(B) 20: sonic timescapes

Above/featured: see track no. 9 in the list below.

Music is a personal reflection, providing a living soundtrack to important personal highlights of joy and tragedy. For the amount of time I’ve spent on the road and within a city I love and adore, I’ve created the following lists:

The following 20 tracks are by Matthew Good, an artist who hails from Coquitlam in metropolitan Vancouver. I first discovered the Matthew Good Band in 1997 at Toronto’s North by Northeast music festival, and saw them live in small venues on Queen Street and at Lee’s Palace on Bloor West.

With this selection coming between 1995 and 2017, your kilometrage may vary. And if it doesn’t work for you, that fortunately isn’t my problem at all.

No. Year Track Album
1 1995 Omissions of the Omen Last of the Ghetto Astronauts
2 1997 Apparitions Underdogs
3 1999 Giant Beautiful Midnight
4 1999 Suburbia Beautiful Midnight
5 2001 Carmelina The Audio of Being
6 2001 All Together The Audio of Being, B-side
7 2001 Flight Recorder From Viking 7 Loser Anthems: B-Sides
& Rarities; In A Coma
8 2003 While We Were Hunting Rabbits Avalanche
9 2004 It’s Been Awhile
Since I Was Your Man
White Light Rock & Roll Review
10 2007 Black Helicopter Hospital Music
11 2009 Great Whales of the Sea Vancouver
12 2009 Volcanoes Vancouver
13 2011 What If I Can’t See The Stars, Mildred? Lights of Endangered Species
14 2013 Via Dolorosa Arrows of Desire
15 2013 Mutineering Arrows of Desire
16 2015 Harridan Chaotic Neutral
17 2015 Cold Water Chaotic Neutral
18 2017 Men at the Door Something Like A Storm
19 2017 Something Like A Storm Something Like A Storm
20 2008 True Love Will Find You In The End Live at Massey Hall
Entire 100-minute playlist on YouTube

“Weapon” is another favourite track and appears here. I published this list to fotoeins DOT com as

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