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US 60, Arizona-New Mexico border, AZ-NM border, Arizona, New Mexico, USA,

Fotoeins Friday on NM US-60: Welcome to NM

On US-60 in New Mexico, on our day-long drive from Tucson, AZ to Santa Fe, NM.

It’s early-afternoon and we see a sign at mile 0: “Welcome to New Mexico: Land of Enchantment.” We are in fact enchanted. We’ve crossed the state border with “the road’s end” at Arizona (AZ mile “401.97”) and “the beginning” in New Mexico at mile 0. The latter milepost marker from NMDOT is at latitude 34.167 degrees north and longitude 109.047 degrees west at an elevation of over 2240 metres (7360 feet). After many hours of driving behind us, we’re closer to reaching a key destination: Pie Town.

I made the picture above on 19 October 2018 with a Fujifilm X70 fixed-lens prime and the settings: 1/1000-sec, f/11, ISO1000, and 18.5mm focal length (28mm full-frame equivalent). This post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at fotoeins DOT com as

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