How astronomers sometimes fail at meetings

Dear fellow astro conference participants & speakers :

  1. If plots are each worth 1000 words, why are text blocks larger than plots on your slides?  Less gabbin’, more graphin’ …
  2. Please face and speak to the audience, not to the screen.
  3. Would it kill you to greet your audience at the start of your presentation? How about “good morning” or “good afternoon”?  No? Really, how were you raised?
  4. Please respect the present speaker and your fellow attendees by keeping your “important” convos quiet & to a minimum.
  5. I know you have that all-important earth-shattering paper to write, but please, I really have no need to hear how loud you’re banging on your laptop.

HL – 2330h CEST, 16 Jun 2010.

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