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My Praha: “The Slav Epic”, Mucha’s Masterpiece

7 Responses to “My Praha: “The Slav Epic”, Mucha’s Masterpiece”

  1. myhongkonghusband

    A. Mucha is my high school nightmare – we had to write about his works on our Polish language classes and match them to poems… I think that’s why I cannot appreciate his work anymore. And btw. you probably didn’t know this but his surname in my language means ‘Fly’ 🙂

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    • fotoeins

      Hi! I didn’t know that about his name. 🙂 I’ve learned some things about Mucha’s impact in the Czech Republic. There’s no doubt there’s a great deal of his work that’s important. Some have questioned about the true impact of his work, but no matter how varied opinions might be, there’s something about seeing a collection of early 20th-century art that’s metres high and wide in an even larger cavernous exhibition space.


  2. Raisa Williams

    Thanks for the announcement and pictures. We saw the show when we visited Prague in November and were blown away by the sheer size and its impact on the viewer.


    • fotoeins

      Hi, Raisa. I’m so very glad to have seen “The Slav Epic”. I’d only read and see passing hints at the “grand scale” of Mucha’s grand work, and to be in Prague at the same time the “epic” was showing? I went twice within a week … and it also helps I like visiting the National Gallery at Veletržní Palace. I definitely agree: “blown away by sheer size and impact”. Do you have any favourite pieces from his masterwork? Thanks for reading and for your comment!


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