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Dover Heights, Sydney, Australia

Sydney: sunsets from west and east

It can be a little unusual to view a sunset from both west and east.

From the west looking east, the sun is behind the viewer, and the setting sun illuminates everything in front of the viewer; that’s a way to describe “front illumination.” From the east looking west, the sun is in front of the viewer, and anything in between the sun and the viewer will appear (mostly) in silhouette; this is an example of “back illumination”.

That’s all very wordy to be sure, but I have above photos of two sunsets in Sydney, one sunset seen from the west and another sunset seen from the east.

In the first case, I boarded the Parramatta River ferry and headed east towards the City as the sun set behind us on the boat. In the second case, I wandered over to Dover Heights in the eastern suburbs to watch the sunset directly in front of me.

In both cases, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the centrepiece for the setting sun.

Addendum: this photographic experiment became a complete success two weeks after the first photo I made on 14 April …

Parramatta River Ferry (east to Circular Quay), Sydney, Australia

Parramatta River Ferry (east to Circular Quay), Sydney, Australia – 14 Apr 2013

Parramatta River Ferry (east to Circular Quay), Sydney, Australia

The Coathanger, over Birchgrove

Dover Heights, Sydney, Australia

Dover Heights, Sydney, Australia

I made the photos above on 14 and 18 April 2013. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

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