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Zollverein Colliery, Essen, Germany

Zollverein: Monument to Coal in Germany’s Ruhrgebiet

A desolate former coal-mining industrial region isn’t a usual candidate for a place to visit. However, the Zollverein coal mine in Essen, Germany provided the impetus to seek out aspects of industrial photography. There’s something special about the way light strikes metal which brings out various aspects of shape, form, and texture.

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UNESCO World Heritage logo, Wikimedia CC3 license

Tips to 5 UNESCO Heritage Sites in Germany

After living in Germany for two years and going back at least once every year since 2003, I’ve had a great deal of travel along the most popular train routes with primary operator Deutsche Bahn to visit friends around the country.

I recommend the following UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany:

•   Bamberg,
•   Cologne Cathedral,
•   Lübeck,
•   Park Sanssouci in Potsdam, and
•   the Zollverein Colliery in Essen.

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Spotlight on Essen’s coal belt

Zollverein RuhrMuseum Essen Germany

Ruhr Museum, Schacht XII, Kokskohlenbunker (Shaft 12, coal bunker), Zollverein Industrial Complex : Essen, Germany – 29 December 2010.

It easily figures that on the site of the Zollverein, the present Ruhr Museum shines a ‘spotlight’ to the industrial history of the Ruhrgebiet.

Along with Pécs (Hungary) and Istanbul (Turkey), the city of Essen in Germany was designated as one of three European Capital Cities of Culture for 2010. Various projects, sites, and monuments throughout the Ruhr region were on display for most of the year. One of the big highlights in Essen was the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex which has been listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site since 2001.

The entire refurbished complex now houses space for art, design, and cultural exhibitions, and is also home to the Ruhr Museum, which provides detailed historical accounts of the economic importance of coal mining and its consequent decline, as well as descriptions of existing and future economic redevelopment plans for the Ruhr region.

I made the photo above with the Canon EOS450D camera, EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens, and the following settings: 1/13s, f/1.4, ISO800, and no tripod. This post is published originally on Fotoeins Fotopress (

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