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the visible wor(l)d, between Canada & Germany

New Zealand Interislander ferry across Cook Strait

10 Responses to “New Zealand Interislander ferry across Cook Strait”

    • fotoeins

      Thanks, Jen! I wanted to keep in the photos the grey somber mood of the cold wet winter day across the water, and I think I achieved that. What that also meant was that if anything stuck out or was illuminated, they really did stick out, and in a good way! Thanks again for commenting!


  1. Erik Smith

    It was a little pricey, but was functional transportation as well as a scenic cruise. I’ll have a post coming on my experience when I get that far along (I’m on day 11 and the ferry was on day 20, could be a while 🙂 )

    Great photos, I love the composition of so many of them.

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    • fotoeins

      Thanks, Erik! I paid $129 NZD for the ferry-and-rail combined trip from Wellington to Christchurch, which was a (web-)saver fare; I didn’t think that was particularly bad for the low- and winter-season, and I imagine prices (and demand) going up with temperature as conditions improve. I look forward to reading your upcoming NZD posts! Thanks again for reading and commenting!


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