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Chicken, mushrooms, snow peas in black bean garlic sauce

Chicken with black-bean garlic sauce, HL style

Above: Chicken, mushrooms, and snow peas in black-bean garlic sauce – 26 January 2013.

I’ve had versions of this dish before, hundreds of times, either at home or at a restaurant. When I decided to make this dish, I didn’t start with any recipe: it was all about ingredients, memory, and experience.

When I posted a picture of the final product (which was delicious), I was urged to describe my makeshift recipe. The most common question (re. demand) was: “how’d you make that?”

I describe here what I’ll make from scratch …

( Click here for ingredients and recipe )

HL chow fun, chow fun, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, myRTW,

My chow fun (wok-fried rice noodle) special

Above/featured: MSP, USA version – 10 Mar 2019 (X70).

Thanks to the wok from San Francisco’s The Wok Shop, I’ve had a few years of beating down and “seasoning” my cast-iron circular-bottom ear-handled wok. I’ve made the following “chow fun” (炒粉, wok-fried rice noodle) a lot, because the following recipe provides plenty of leftovers, which reheat very well.

On my year of RTW travel, my trusty wok is in storage, but I’ve had occasion to make my chow fun for a number of friends while I’ve been out and about on the road. It was time I put the recipe to electronic form.

( Click here for more )

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