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New Zealand, true-colour image from NASA Terra satellite, December 2002.

New Zealand: Māori anthems Pokarekare Ana, E Ihowa Atua

New Zealand is located in a part of our planet that’s about as far as one can go. The country provides easy inspiration with her striking scenery and friendly people. Memories remain sharp and fresh after multiple visits to Wellington and Auckland, as well as a solid three weeks in early-winter on the South Island. Truth is: I’ve got a real big soft spot for “Aotearoa“. The longer I’m in country, the more the land reveals deeper insights about her culture and language.

New Zealand recognizes three official languages: English, Māori, and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL). Of immediate connection to this land are two Māori songs, “Pokarekare Ana” and “E Ihowa Atua”, which are the unofficial and official national anthems, respectively.

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