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Past Life & Published Papers

This all seems like an age ago, done in someone else’s life.

After achieving advanced degrees in physics (M.Sc.) and astronomy (Ph.D.), I was research astronomer for almost two decades in places like Toronto (Canada), Heidelberg (Germany), Minneapolis (USA), and La Serena (Chile). I’ve written short pieces about my time in Chile:

•   How it’s like as an astronomer in Chile
•   How I said goodbye to Chile and astronomy

There aren’t many images of me at research meetings, but in 2008, I attended a joint Subaru-Gemini Observatory workshop on a possible new observation instrument called WFMOS; the workshop was hosted by the Marriott Waikoloa on the Big Island of Hawaii. Below is a group portrait of the workshop attendees; I’m under the arrow. Unfortunately, I don’t know to whom the photo should be attributed.

Subaru-Gemini WFMOS workshop, Marriott Waikoloa, Big Island, Hawaii, USA,

Attendees, 2008 WFMOS workshop, Marriott Waikoloa, Big Island of Hawaii.

What follows are published research papers in astronomical journals and volumes. The first item is my doctoral dissertation in the Government of Canada’s Library and Archives Theses Canada Portal. The remaining items are research papers I published as first- or lead-author in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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