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Canberra: Remembering ANZACs at Australian War Memorial

11 Responses to “Canberra: Remembering ANZACs at Australian War Memorial”

    • fotoeins

      Hi, Hannah. Please do give Canberra a chance if and when you’re in Australia. It’s a lot quieter than one might expect in a city of that size, but its museums and green spaces are beautiful. Because Canberra isn’t all that far from the big Sydney metropolis, Canberra might offer a quieter spot to “pause and recollect”, while still being able to have the usual amenities in a city, particularly for the National Capital region. Cheers!


    • fotoeins

      Hi and thank you, Christine. The poppies are very expressive in their look and colour, especially compelling at war memorials. You’ve brought up an interesting question about the thinking that goes into building “traditional” (war) memorials, how they might look uninviting and sterile, and the things one might do to make the memorials more inviting to visit. While “remembering the dead” is the primary goal, perhaps, there’s something even more to get people to visit: the history and culture of a nation’s people. Thanks again for reading and for your kind comments, Christine!


  1. frugalfirstclasstravel

    Hi Henry thanks for posting about a place and piece of history so dear to we Australians. There are war memorials all over Australia, even in the tiniest of villages. The national one in Canberra is, of course, the largest and most comprehensive. Our ANZAC history is very much a part of our psyche and cultural identity, and the War Memorial is a true expression of that.

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    • fotoeins

      Hi, Jo. I’m fascinated by the (possible) parallels between the importance Australia and New Zealand have defined themselves by the events at Gallipoli and how Canadians carried themselves in the Belgian trenches: all because people answered the Empire’s call to arms. Thanks for reading and for your comment!


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