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Image by mohamed hassan on pxhere (CC0).

18 artists and togs I found on IG in 2018

A lot of ink, talk, discontent, and contempt has appeared regarding the uses and abuses on Facebook’s Instagram; see here and here. I discovered on Instagram the presence of the following 18 artists and photographers, some of whom I’d already been aware from print. It’s in many of their images where I’ve found stillness, inspiration, stimulation, and provocation, and that’s why you should get to know some of these people. I’ll continue to admire their work elsewhere when present forms of social media will (must?) inevitably disappear.

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Photo by geralt, on pixabay CC0

Photographers for International Women’s Day

On this International Women’s Day (8 March), I remind myself how photography is made and viewed differently from either the male or female perspective.

Please check out these photographers whose work I greatly admire. Much of the following is personal, brave, unflinching, and provocative.

I prefer (and highly recommend) looking at photography as prints, in galleries, or in photo-books. Having photos take on physical form provides a kind of tactile permanence which seems “more real” to me than a mouse-click or a screen swipe that are far too ephemeral for my liking. Have a look online; then, seek work by one or all of these women at an art gallery and/or a bookstore.

Im Camera Head Man - Ares Nguyen, Flickr CC2

The featured photo is by geralt (Pixabay) with the CC0 license. The last photo is by Ares Nguyen (Flickr) with the CC2 license. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at as (edited 2016,2017,2018.)

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