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Dan Perjovschi, ZKM, Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie, Center for Art and Media, Global Control and Censorship, Karlsruhe, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany,

Your emotional response to …

Above/featured: Drawings by Dan Perjovschi, 1995-2015. Globale Exhibition at ZKM Karlsruhe – 18 Nov 2015 (6D1).

I’ve had strong reactions to many pieces of art I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of seeing in a selection of museums and art galleries around the world. Here are some works of art which may provoke emotional reaction(s) from the viewer: sad, happy, angry; or perhaps, neutral. At each image, stop to a calm, pay attention to the details, and consider the caption provided.

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Sḵw’áyus, Kitsilano, Salish Sea, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

20 for 20: Foto(ein)s for 2020

Above/featured: Vancouver, 22 December.

I look back at the 2020 year with the following images to address how different locations in both Seattle and Vancouver question the nature and ideas of displacement and belonging, home and travel.

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Waimakariri River, Bealey, Arthur's Pass, Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand,

A-3 in Aotearoa

Above/featured: Headwaters of the Waimakariri River, near Bealey – 18 Jul 2012.

For LAPC’s first alphabet challenge, I began with a contribution about 3 German places whose names begin with the letter ‘A’. This follow-up is 3 locations in New Zealand (Aotearoa):

•   Akaroa, on the South Island;
•   Arthur’s Pass, on the South Island;
•   Auckland, on the North Island.

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Fagus-Werk, Fagus Factory Building, Fagus, Walter Gropius, Karl Benscheidt, Alfeld, Lower Saxony, Niedersachsen, Germany, UNESCO, World Heritage, Bauhaus,

A-3 in D-E

Above/featured: “Welterbe” (World heritage): GreCon/Fagus, Alfeld – 28 Sep 2017.

For LAPC’s first alphabet challenge, I present three German locations whose names begin with ‘A’; all three are in the list of the nation’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites (WHS).

•   Aachen, in North Rhine Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen, NW),
•   Alfeld, in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen, NI), and
•   Augsburg, in Bavaria (Bayern, BY).

(I also created an A-3 post for Aotearoa/New Zealand.)

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My Cologne: wandering the streets in Ehrenfeld

For many, the German city of Cologne brings to mind the Cathedral, Karneval, and perfumed water.

For me, Cologne brings to mind great friends, tasty Turkish nibbles, football side 1. FC Köln, and Ehrenfeld.

My friend Y wanted to test her new camera on the streets, and when she suggested the Ehrenfeld neighbourhood, I readily agreed. My many visits to this city on the Rhine have frequently ended up in Ehrenfeld that’s largely Turkish and working class, an immigrant blue-collar area with which I readily identify and it’s why Ehrenfeld is my K-‘hood.

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