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On the camera full-frame, another ten-thousand framed

24 October 2014.

With nine months (Jan-Oct 2014) under the belt, I’ve set a new mark with my tech-friend. I’ve made good progress to “flip” (or reset) the four-digit image-number counter for the first time: I’ve clicked away on the 10000th frame on the Canon 6D.

10-K on the 6-D

It’s a bright fall afternoon in the greater Vancouver area. Conditions are breezy and overcast; the cloud ceiling is high but not very thick. With excellent transparency in the air, the light is diffuse, providing softer contrasts between highlights and shadows.

I’m in New Westminster for the opening night of my neighbour’s art exhibition. Before the doors open to the exhibition, I have some time to hang out along the Fraser River at Westminster Pier Park.

Windsocks appear like fingers against the cable-stays of the Translink SkyBridge over the Fraser River, as a scheduled automated train crosses over from New Westminster (left) to Surrey (right). The train is at right angles with the tall north tower of the Skybridge, and the Skybridge deck is just tangent with the yellow curved arch of the Pattullo Bridge behind.

Looking through the camera viewfinder, I shuffle back and forth, getting ready for the shot I want. I wait for the right moment. When I see all of the details come together, I press the shutter button.

Over time, I’ve developed a sense for simply more than documenting the moment. I’m folding in a sense of place, a sense of the situation, that the stream of time can be held (frozen) for a tiny moment in a remarkable confluence of disparate elements.

Skybridge, Pattullo Bridge, Westminster Pier Park, New Westminster, BC, Canada,

“Breezy autumn pluck at the right angle”

I made the photo above on 24 October 2014 with the Canon 6D camera and EF 24-105 L-lens with the following settings: 1/160s, f/10, ISO500, 105mm focal length. I clicked away over 75000 exposures with my previous Canon 450D camera over a period of five years. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

Translink Skybridge, Pattullo Bridge, Fraser River Swing Bridge : New Westminster Pier Park, New Westminster, BC, Canada

Fotoeins Friday: Three golden crossings over the Fraser River

The greater Vancouver area is best known for its proximity to mountains and to the sea. What is often forgotten are the number of bridges and crossings across both Burrard Inlet and the Fraser River.

From the north flank of the Fraser River in the city of New Westminster, these three bridges are in view, beautifully illuminated here in the light of a winter day’s sunset. As shown above, the bridges from “top to bottom” (with increasing distance from my vantage point) are the Translink SkyBridge, the Pattullo bridge, and the Fraser River Swing Bridge, connecting New Westminster with Surrey on the other side of the river.

Completed in 1989, the Translink Skybridge is a cable-stayed transit-only bridge, carrying three tracks for the Skytrain automated rapid-transit system between Columbia and Scott Road stations. The Skybridge is also the world’s longest cable-supported transit-only bridge.

Since 1937, the Pattullo Bridge has been an important traffic link for light and heavy vehicles over the Fraser River. A beautiful classic, the Pattullo Bridge’s main span is a steel-trussed through-arch, and remains as one of the oldest surviving bridges in the greater Vancouver area. What’s more is that the Pattullo Bridge’s main span is very similar to the span for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Fraser River Swing Bridge is a low-level railroad through-truss swing-bridge built in 1904. This bridge also served highway traffic until the Pattullo bridge was built three decades later. The bridge is now used exclusively by rail traffic.

I made the photo above from Westminster Pier Park in New Westminster, BC, Canada on 25 January 2013. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at

"Cap Crusher", Capilano Canyon, Cleveland Dam, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver embraces spring in grand style

The first few days of spring in Vancouver, Canada have seen sun, first signs of new life, and warm temperatures reaching +15C (60F). The days have highlighted a clear advantage for being present in the “Canadian Southwest,” compared to the lingering winter hanging on so desperately in other parts of the country.

Over an 11-hour period, I’m fortunate to catch a few special moments:

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