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My Seattle: the 1st Starbucks, 1971-1976

Above/featured: Exhibition “Edible City: A Delicious Journey” at MOHAI – Seattle, 8 Jan 2017 (6D1).

What: 1st Starbucks, at Virginia/Western in the Rhode Island building.
Where: A restaurant now; no historical plaque or sign, though.
Why: 1st location between 1971 to 1976, as historical exercise.

Many write about and refer to the “original Starbucks” location in downtown Seattle. If they’re referring to the present location in Pike Place, that Starbucks outlet while oldest is not the original.

So, what happened to Starbucks’ very first location from 1971 to 1976?

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Cafe Gundel, Hauptstrasse (Karlsplatz), Heidelberg, Germany

My Heidelberg: 1st sweet taste at Café Gundel

In 2001, I moved across the big Atlantic pond from Canada to Germany. Knowing only “bitte” (please) and “danke” (thank you), I flew sight unseen to Frankfurt am Main, followed by a shuttle-bus to the German university town of Heidelberg. I would live and work in Heidelberg for two years, and I couldn’t have known the experience would change my life.

Heidelberg is a favourite “hometown” which includes many memories of firsts.

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My Sydney: 2 Caffeinated Highlights

Here are two more great joints in Sydney for a delicious cuppa joe …

Ampersand, Paddington

During the German film festival, I’d been up and down Oxford Street between the two cinemas, and one cafe in particular near the Palace Verona cinema was a standout. The Ampersand Café Bookstore is a cozy place with fresh coffee, friendly staff, and a lot of books; there’s seating inside and outside. Had I stayed for long, I would’ve gotten lost in a large mug and many books on art, cinema, and photography.

Ampersand Café Bookstore, 78 Oxford Street, Paddington.

Ampersand Cafe and Bookstore, Paddington, Sydney

Ampersand Cafe and Bookstore, Paddington, Sydney

Ampersand Cafe and Bookstore, Paddington, Sydney

bRu, North Bondi

While at Bondi early one April-morning to photograph the morning light, I found a tiny café called “bRu coffee”. The café is at the corner of Brighton Boulevard and Campbell Parade, near the bus loop where some bus-routes from the CBD terminate in North Bondi. A warm lifesaver on a cool morning, this place is a definite fave among local residents. There aren’t many seats inside or outside, and given its location, many get their takeaways for a morning walk on the beach or for their work-commute into the City. I liked this place so much I returned to Bondi two weeks later to photograph the surf. Over a large flat white, I chatted with the staff and with “Mr. Vitamins” himself, Mr. Abraham James.

bRu coffee, 101 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi.

bRu coffee, North Bondi, Sydney, Australia

bRu coffee, North Bondi, Sydney, Australia

bRu coffee, North Bondi, Sydney, Australia

I made the photos above on 12 and 19 May 2013. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at

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