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UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Around the World

Since 1995, I’ve been fortunate to experience significant travel: first as green graduate student on my first (of many) trips to Chile; followed by the opportunity to live and work in 3 countries on 3 continents inside a span of 10 years. I didn’t give much thought about their relative importance at the time, but I’m lucky to have visited a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (WHS).

UNESCO World Heritage logo, Wikimedia CC3 license

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Nyhavn at night: København, Denmark,

Fotoeins Friday: Copenhagen’s Nyhavn at night

One of the most visited and photographed parts of Copenhagen is the Nyhavn (New Harbour) district. The summer evening provides a wonderful opportunity to capture the scene with endlessly serene blues in the twilight sky in contrast with the harsh almost garish neon streetlights below. Fortunately, the reflections in the rippling water somehow soften the artificial light. Good thing the image includes “Nyhavn 17” signage to remind me exactly where I am …

I made the above photo on 30 June 2008, near Mindeankeret (The Memorial Anchor) at the western end of Nyhavn, near Kongens Nytorv (King’s New Square). This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at, and also appears on Travel Photo Thursday for Nancie McKinnon’s Budget Traveler’s Sandbox.

The Hamlet castle: Kronborg Slot in Helsingør, Denmark

Visiting Denmark in the summertime means there are many hours of daylight, providing more opportunities to explore. A daytrip train from Copenhagen north to Helsingør takes you through the Danish lowlands next to the sea, but the goal here is a visit to Kronborg Slot (Kronborg Castle).

Does the place, Helsingør, sound familiar?

How about the Anglicized version of the name – Elsinore?

Elsinore is the setting for one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays, “Hamlet”.

Since its designation in 2000, Kronborg Slot (Kronborg Castle) in Helsingør, Denmark is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is commonly known as “Hamlet’s castle.”

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“Four-bike exchange”

Børsbygningen, Slotsholmen : København, Danmark (Stock Exchange Building, Castle Islet : Copenhagen, Denmark) – 1 July 2008.

I found myself in the Danish capital on Canada Day in 2008. I fully admit, however, that my visit was completely by design.

A few minutes after the boat from DFDS Canal Tours set off from Gammel Strand, we swung east and south on Frederiksholms Kanal, and passed by the Børsen (Royal Exchange). A detailed historical account of the building can be found here. After the main building was constructed from 1619-1623, the famous dragon spire with the tails of four dragons intertwined to form the vertical was added in 1625.

From a distance, I saw four bicyclists approaching, and I tried to photograph all four in the gaps, as shown here. Also, the four dragons at the base were apparently huffing and puffing on this fine early-summer afternoon.

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