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Fächerstadt Karlsruhe: fan-shaped city in Baden-Württemberg

2 Responses to “Fächerstadt Karlsruhe: fan-shaped city in Baden-Württemberg”

  1. Maria Falvey

    Very cool, love the inspiration and similarities. This is a fun and exciting post Henry.

    There was much French involvement in the U.S. revolution, and Spain and the Dutch Republic helped too. However, France’s thrilling assistance via the Marquis de Lafayette, the comte de Grasse, and the comte de Rochambeau (among others, including L’Enfant who served as a Captain in the corps of engineers for the U.S.) made it possible to defeat the British and require a place such as D.C.. I’m thankful L’Enfant’s ideas were supported or we may have had a much smaller plan, a more traditional federal city plan that Thomas Jefferson had sketched. L’Enfant, once he began, planned for egalitarian access, every citizen was equally important. L’Enfant was replaced as architect in 1792 with Andrew Ellicott who redesigned L’Enfant’s plan but Ellicott kept a great deal of L’Enfant’s unique ideas – there are so many open, public spaces throughout D.C.. Merci Monsieur L’Enfant.

    The Fächerstadt Karlsruhe makes sense as a model – it’s stately, it’s impressive, and commands awe and respect – just what a new country needs.

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    • fotoeins

      Fascinating! There’s a lot about early American history I don’t know, although I knew about early European (non-British) influences on the early development of the fledgling America. I think that’s what makes a visit to Karlsruhe a little more special. Thanks for your comment, Maria!


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