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My Seattle: that tower again

“That Tower Again,” a three-word online phrase for the early 21st-century.

It’s a phrase I associate with Berlin and her TV Tower (Fernsehturm), and that comes with multiple stays and many months in the German capita, a city I feel very much at home (winters notwithstanding). With my return to the Canadian Southwest and near-proximity to Seattle, I reconsider my fondness for the city’s iconic landmark: the Space Needle observation tower. Sight of the tower hasn’t lost its allure since our first family visit in the late 1970s.

For the Seattle World Fair in 1962, construction of the Space Needle occurred over a mere 400 days in time for the “Century 21 Exposition”. The 605-foot (184 metre) tower stood for the spirit of innovation and the might of technology. The city of Seattle designated the tower as an official city landmark in 1999. Fast forward now into the 21st century, it’s unfathomable for resident and visitor alike to think about the Emerald City without its leading spire.

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My Berlin: that tower again

I like shiny pointy objects, and if it’s by deliberate effort or accidental circumstance, the Fernsehturm (TV Tower) finds its way into a LOT of pictures from Berlin. And if people throughout Berlin can see the tower, how do those who live in or commute through different parts of the capital city view the landmark? After documenting multiple visits between 2005 and 2017, here are over 40 lines of sight to the TV Tower from throughout the Berlin area.

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Bahnhof Alexanderplatz, Fernsehturm, Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany,

Fotoeins Friday: ALEXA at night in Berlin

20 December 2012.

The bright letters of the illuminated sign help light the way to the S-Bahn and regional train station at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. The Television Tower bisects the sign as an arriving S-Bahn train appears in motion-blur to the lower-left. The landmark tower and station signage are an appropriate way to end my period of two months in the German capital city on the last stage of my year-long around-the-world (RTW) journey.

I made the photo above on 20 December 2012 with the Canon EOS450D, 18-55 kit-lens, and the following settings: 1/15-sec, f/4.5, ISO800, 32mm focal length (51mm full-frame equivalent). This post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at as

Auckland War Memorial Museum, Auckland Domain, Auckland CBD, Sky Tower, Auckland, New Zealand,, myRTW

Fotoeins Friday: Metro Domain, Auckland War Memorial

31 July 2012.

At Auckland’s Tamaki Paenga Hira, I spend an afternoon inside the War Memorial building, which houses the War Memorial History museum with the world’s largest Maori and Pacific Island Collection. I step outside to this northwest facing view toward’s the city downtown area (CBD) and the needle that is the Sky Tower which dominates the city’s skyline.

During my year-long RTW, I made this photo on 31 July 2012 with the Canon 450D, 50-prime, and the following settings: 1/320-sec, f/5, ISO200, and 50mm focal length (80mm full-frame equivalent). This post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at as

Toronto downtown/CBD skyline, Lake Ontario, Jack Darling Memorial Park, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada,

Fotoeins Friday: 22 km from Mississauga to Toronto

6 April 2012.

Three months into my year-long journey, I’m staying with friends in Mississauga outside of Toronto, and we’re at Jack Darling Memorial Park to walk their dog in the off-leash area. It’s a united breeds of happy running canines under early-spring sun. Lake Ontario is “right there” within sight, and I’m pulled towards the water; there’s an unobstructed line of sight to the city skyline in the distance. Google Maps says it’s 22 kilometres (13.5 miles) from the lake’s edge in Mississauga to the viewing platform high on the CN Tower in Toronto.

I made the photo on 6 April 2012 with the Canon 450D, 70-300 zoom-lens, and the following settings: 1/500s, f/8, ISO100, 300mm focal-length (480mm full-frame equivalent). This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

“Split frequency”

Hamburg Sternschanze
Heinrich-Hertz Tower, from S-Bahn Sternschanze : Hamburg, Germany – 27 June 2010.

The physical units of frequency (oscillation) are cycles per second (e.g., 60 cycles per second), but the metric (or SI) unit of Hertz is also used for frequency (e.g., 60 Hertz). The SI unit of frequency is named after Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894), a physicist who was born in the city of Hamburg, Germany.

Visible from just about anywhere in Hamburg, the television tower was finished in 1968, and now bears the name of one of Hamburg’s famous sons and physicists.

I made this photograph at S-Bahn Sternschanze station while waiting on platform 2 for the next southbound S31 train to Harburg Rathaus.

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