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Granville Square, 200 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, New Year's Day 2016,

Fotoeins Friday: The way out, the way in

The way out of 2015 was a way in to 2016.
The year out (of 2016) is a year in (to 2017).

I made the photo in foggy dawn minutes before scheduled sunrise on 1 January 2016. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

dawn, downtown, Vancouver, BC, Canada, New Year's Day,

Fotoeins Friday: “Green park, 2016.001”

•   Foggy start to New Year’s Day 2016 in Vancouver.
•   Photo on 8am PST, 1 January 2016, at 696 West Cordova Street.
•   With 2016 as leap year, 8am on the first day of the year is expressed as 2016.001 in 3 decimal places; see details below.
•   The question this picture asks is: what will emerge from my head fog under first light.

366 days in a leap year multiplied by 23.934 hours per day gives 8760.017 hours in the 2016 calendar year. For the 8th hour on the first day, this is expressed as 8/8760.017 = 0.0009. This means 8am on 1 January 2016 can be expressed as 2016.001 to three decimal places. I made the photo above; this post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

Mount Seymour, Burnaby Mountain, SFU, New Year's Day 2016, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

4 cities, 8 hours: New Year’s Day 2016 in Vancouver

I’ve photographed the greater Vancouver area in separate 16-hour “marathons” on Canada Day (1 July) over the last few years. With the length of a winter day halved to 8 hours, I made a similar photowalk on New Year’s Day 2015. For New Year’s Day 2016, conditions began with morning fog giving way to afternoon sun and a high temperature of +2C (upper-30s F). I traveled to four locations, covering 103 kilometres with public transport; see below.

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1st sunset of 2015, Georgia Strait, Salish Sea, West Vancouver, BC, Canada,

8 hours, New Year’s Day 2015 in Vancouver

I’ve photographed the greater Vancouver area in separate 16-hour “marathons” on Canada Day (1 July) in the last couple of years. Similarly, one way to crack open a brand new year is a shorter photowalk on New Year’s Day, with the length of a winter day halved to 8 hours of daylight. Very good conditions were forecast for New Year’s Day 2015 in Vancouver with mostly clear skies and a high of +6C (42F). I made the following 10 photographs from sunrise to sunset.

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New Year’s Eve, also known as Silvester

With this post, New Zealand will see the new year, to be followed very soon after by Australia in a couple of hours. It’s the middle of New Year’s Eve day here in Europe, and North America is waking up to the same.

Why is New Year’s Eve referred in some countries as Silvester?  Here’s why, courtesy of Deutsche Welle’s Word of the Week feature:

… For many in the English speaking world, it (Sylvester) is nothing more than a male name – usually attached to a Looney Tunes cartoon cat. But in Germany and a handful of other countries (Italy, France, Poland, the Czech Republic) ‘Silvester’, or a variation thereof, is a night to celebrate – ideally by going to a fancy party, drinking champagne and kissing your sweetheart at the stroke of midnight. The end of the year was first called ‘Sylvester’ back in 1582 AD, when the Gregorian calendar reform moved the last day of the year from Dec. 24 to Dec. 31 – the anniversary of the death of Pope Sylvester I. …

In Germany, December 25 and 26 are named, respectively, “1. und 2. Weihnachtstag” (1st and 2nd Christmas Day).  Also, December 31 and January 1 are “Silvester” and “Neujahr”, respectively.

Tomorrow, I’ll post about some of the (electronic) tools I have with me and use on travel.

HL, 1200h CET – 31 Dec 2010

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