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Antico Castello sul mare, Ligurian coast, Ligurian Riviera, Italian Riviera, Liguria, Ligurian Sea, Rapallo, Genova, Italy,

Fotoeins Friday: Summer light on the Italian Riviera (Rapallo)

On a first-time visit to Italy, I’ve joined my astronomer colleagues for a five-day meeting in the Ligurian Riviera coastal town of Rapallo. What the week has taught me is not necessarily state-of-the-art research on star formation in galaxies. What I’ve learned is every place, big or small, has their abundance of unique stories, and my own is about to change.

I’m standing at the edge of the Ligurian sea with the lapping of water against the shoreline, and the Antico Castello sul mare (Old Castle on the Sea, built in 1550) is basking under the warm glow of late-afternoon summer light. A slow realization is beginning to emerge: I’m on the path to something different, something to begin, where I’ll have to start over again.

I made this photo on 20 June 2008 with the Canon EOS450, EF-S 18-55 IS kit-lens, and the following settings: 1/1250s, f/5.6, ISO200, 18mm focal length (29mm full-frame equivalent). This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at at

boats on the Boate, Rapallo, Italy, Italian Riviera, Ligurian Riviera

Fotoeins Friday: On the Boate in the Italian Riviera

First time in Rapallo. First time in Liguria. First time in Italy! Attending a week-long meeting in Rapallo was not exactly hardship, in a beautiful setting, among some rich beautiful folks, hanging out in what is known as the “Italian Riviera.” Why I didn’t go to nearby Portofino, I’ll never know. But with that view (above) where the river Boate meets the Ligurian Sea, Rapallo is a good place to begin a trip into the world-famous and tremendously scenic Cinque Terre to the south. If anything, these boats on the Boate at night made me think about toodling about the Med on a boat: “… I’m on a boat!” and, well, you (may) know the rest.

I made the photo above on 9 June 2008. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

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