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Reichstag/Bundestag, Berlin, Germany,

My Berlin: German Unity Day – Tag der deutschen Einheit

After decades of division and the construction of the Wall, West and East Germany were reunited as the single nation of Germany in 1990. October 3 was chosen as Tag der deutschen Einheit, or German Unity Day. 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the (re)united Germany.

It’s an important day in the country where flag-waving is possible, where people can show their pride of a modern and (re)united country. As the 2006 FIFA World Cup showed, the colours of the black, red, and gold were on display everywhere. Germans and visitors alike revelled in the joys, hopes, and aspirations of the present-day nation. Shown here are German flags flying next to Berlin’s Reichstagsgebäude (Reichstag building).

I’m absolutely delighted to call many in Germany as friends, and frequent visits to the country continue to provide lessons, one of which is that I generally feel at home. I remain open to learning, and I never leave disappointed. I always find something new about what it is to love about the country and her people.

•   Day of German Unity | Tag der deutschen Einheit

Reichstag/Bundestag, Berlin, Germany,

Berlin Reichstag/Bundestag

I made the photos above at the southeast corner of Platz der Republik (Republic Square) on 19 March 2011. This post is originally published on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

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