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Fotoeins Friday: “Tierpark”, Berlin Friedrichstrasse

13 November 2012.

In the midst of the daily rush and shove, do you sometimes feel like a mindless animal on the move, and you haven’t decided whether to moo or bray? That’s what I had in mind when I saw the banner for Berlin’s Tierpark (animal park). That also depends on what commuters might be thinking if I happen to be pointing my camera in their direction.

During my year-long RTW, I made this photo on 13 November 2012 with the Canon 450D, 18-55 kit-lens, and the following settings: 1/160-sec, f/5, ISO400, 40mm focal length (64mm full-frame equivalent). This post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at as

Of angles and angels, at Berlin Friedrichstrasse

I always found a crisp cool bite in the air on clear fall days whenever I was in Germany. At dusk on a late-October afternoon, I wandered to Friedrichstrasse Station in the German capital city of Berlin. There is the usual hustle and bustle of people entering and exiting a busy train station and important transfer junction.

I looked up and saw how the cumulus clouds were angled with respect to the top-line of the station building and how the clouds were illuminated. A plane’s contrail at the edge of the frame only added to the mystery.
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My Berlin: up+down night+day on Friedrichstrasse

In between visits, what a difference one year makes, and how things can also remain unchanged in the same interval of time.

The area around Friedrichstrasse train station is lively with pedestrians, commuters, tourists scurrying in and out of shops, in and out of trams, and in and out of the train station. There are an S-Bahn and a U-Bahn station here. Trains provides vital connections along a “central” west-east axis with trains west to the Hauptbahnhof, Charlottenburg, Westkreuz, and beyond; and east to Alexanderplatz, Ostbahnhof, Ostkreuz, and beyond. Trains along the north-south axis provide intracity and intercity connections, respectively, in Berlin and the metropolitan region. Regional Deutsche Bahn trains stopping here at Friedrichstrasse also provide connections to other cities and towns in the surrounding state of Brandenburg.

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