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Madero Prime Steakhouse, Curitiba, Brazil,

Curitiba: Restaurante Madero Prime Steakhouse

In July 2011, I traveled to Curitiba, Brazil to visit friend and fellow photographer Paula Anddrade. I had a great time there, relaxing some, and encountering something different on the other side of the continent. I realized I merely glossed over a delicious lunch in an earlier post; I’m bringing that lunch to life in this post.

Paula wanted to take me to a really nice place for lunch in town. There was very little disappointment and lots of satisfaction to be found at Madero Prime Steakhouse on Avenida Jaime Reis, just west of Largo da Ordem and the historical district.

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What I learned after a week in Curitiba

After having deplaned from my flight from Curitiba, Brazil, I was in Montevideo airport waiting for a second flight to Santiago de Chile. With the layover, I had some time to publish another blog post, and began writing this present post.

Here’s what I learned from the week I spent in Curitiba

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