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Cupcake Berlin, Friedrichshain), Berlin, Germany - 13 Nov 2012,

Fotoeins Friday: Cupcake Berlin

I’ve just finished brunch with a couple of friends in the East Berlin neighbourhood of Freidrichshain. I wander with only a general direction in mind; I’m familiar with this part of the city, but I don’t have specific knowledge about the streets. I make a left, go forward a block or two, and that tiny street looks interesting, so I make a right. One turn here, and another turn there, and there’s no telling what one will see or miss. With colours grabbing my eyeballs to hold still, this mural appears on the corrugated metal protection barrier at the entrance to Cupcake, claiming the city’s first cupcake shop since 2007.

I made the photo above on 13 November 2012 with the Canon EOS450D (XSi) camera, EF-S 18-55 II zoom-lens, and the following settings: 1/30s, f/5.6, ISO400, and 18mm focal length (29mm full-frame equivalent). This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

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