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One million miles and counting

I’ve been a member of American Airlines’ AAdvantage frequent-flyer loyalty program for over ten years. Despite recent financial troubles with the airline, it’s easy to forget American Airlines (AA) was one of the last U.S. legacy carriers to declare bankruptcy proceedings.

AA N775AN Boeing 777-200ER, departing Shanghai: photo by Sergey Kustov (Wikimedia, CC3)

What I’d like to share here is something about the “we love you” status. My experience has primarily been with AA, and while there are differences between airlines’ frequent-flyer programs, there are similarities with respect to tier, minimum mileage, status duration, and perks.

Upon enrolment into the AAdvantage program, earning sufficient miles can get traveller into one of the following elite-status tiers on AA: gold, platinum, or executive platinum. Reaching these tiers (in 2012) means an accumulation within one calendar year of 25-thousand, 50-thousand, or 100-thousand qualifying-miles, respectively. As AA is one of the founding members of the oneworld alliance, the three AA status-tiers also correspond, respectively, to ruby, sapphire, and emerald status on oneworld.

Cracking the million mark

I spent three years in AAdvantage’s executive-platinum tier. In my view, the best reward was the eight free one-way systemwide upgrades per year; a purchase of an economy-class fare was eligible for upgrade to the next fare-class. A real bonus for the upgrade was its “systemwide” nature. For example, if I flew AA Santiago to Dallas and AA Dallas to San Francisco on the same itinerary, I would call and request the upgrades. If I was upgraded to business-class on both flights, these counted as a single systemwide upgrade.

In the fourth-quarter of 2010, I surpassed one million miles flown on flights with AA and with oneworld alliance-partner airlines. I don’t have a credit card whose usage also collects miles. Apart from a couple of modest hotel and rental-car promotions, over 95 per cent of my miles total has been accumulated in the air. Going over one million miles on AA means I have “lifetime gold”, so long as the elite status program remains. A person attains “lifetime platinum” status when they reach a total two million miles flown. But sadly, there is no “lifetime executive-platinum” status. As of writing, I’ve got over 1.2 million miles.

In late-August 2011, American Airlines announced their Million Miler program to recognize flyers with grand totals with the airline and to describe the perks with the achievement. The Points Guy summarized the million-mile programs by the various airlines.

There are of course two additional and larger alliances: Star Alliance, whose members include United Airlines, Deutsche Lufthansa, and Singapore Airlines, and Skyteam whose members include Delta Airlines, Air France, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. I’ve been collecting miles with Lufthansa with an eye to diversifying airline status programs and access to lounges.

With reduced travel, I managed to retain platinum status for 2011 and 2012. Platinum (AA) or equivalent sapphire (oneworld) status allows:

  • preferred check-in,
  • no baggage fees,
  • 1 or 2 pieces of free checked luggage (dependent upon partner airline),
  • preferred boarding,
  • entry into business lounge operated by a participating oneworld alliance partner (subject to capacity/restrictions).

During my RTW in 2012, the latter has played an important role in being able to use the lounges operated by other oneworld partner airlines. For example, I’m eligible to use American Airlines’ AAdmirals Lounge in Miami, Florida; Cathay Pacific’s lounge in Hong Kong; Qantas’ lounge in Sydney, Australia; the SLOW lounge (in partnership with British Airways) in Johannesburg, South Africa; and the British Airways lounge in London Heathrow.

SLOW lounge at JNB, Johannesburg, South Africa

SLOW lounge at JNB airport: Johannesburg, South Africa – 10 Oct 2012.

2016 update

Program-to-date miles which includes mileage bonus and credit-card promotions are not the same and usually larger than the number shown for miles flown. At the end of 2015, these two numbers are 1.27 and 1.24 million miles, respectively.

AAdvantage, American Airlines, Million Miler, OneWorld


One Million Miler, American Airlines, AAdvantage, AA Gold

One Million Miler (AA Gold)

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86 percent “round the world” for $315

OK, I admit it – the title to this post is a little misleading, because I’m referring to the distance I’ve traveled during the first five months of 2012, the distance equivalent to 86-percent of the way around the world.

But still, there’s a big chunk of miles around the planet for a small chunk of change.

But first, here’s a little background …

Over the last ten-plus years, I’ve flown a total of over one million miles with American Airlines and their Oneworld alliance partners. This means a few key things:

  • some “we love you” elite-status, which means faster check-in process, no “first checked-bag” fees, early boarding, and some use of the airport lounges,
  • faster accumulation of miles “earned” by flying,
  • and I’ve a chance to use these miles to see friends around North America in a short period of time without breaking the budget.

Using miles to fly within North America

I began the North America portion of my around-the-world (RTW) trip the first week of 2012. With over 300,000 frequent-flyer miles in store, I’ve traveled throughout the continent by redeeming miles (plus taxes) for the following flights.

North America flights, AAdvantage, frequent flyer miles

Date Destination Route Miles Traveled & Used Taxes & Fees ($ USD)
Jan 4 Vancouver, BC SFO-LAX-YVR 1-way 1418 | 25k 5.00
Jan 19 Honolulu, HI YVR-SEA-HNL return 5608 | 35k 66.00
Feb 21 Los Angeles, CA SEA-LAX 1-way 954 | 12.5k 2.60
Mar 2 México City LAX-MEX 1-way 1553 | 17.5k 24.90
Mar 10 San Jose, CA MEX-DFW-SJC 1-way 2374 | 35k 47.20
Mar 20 NW Arkansas SFO-DFW-XNA 1-way 1745 | 12.5k 5.00
Mar 26 Houston, TX XNA-DFW-IAH 1-way 505 | 25k 5.00
Apr 3 Toronto, ON IAH-DFW-YYZ 1-way 1424 | 12.5k 5.00
Apr 10 Minneapolis, MN YYZ-ORD-MSP 1-way 770 | 12.5k 61.26
Apr 17 Washington, DC MSP-ORD-DCA 1-way 946 | 25k 5.00
May 2 Nassau, Bahamas BWI-MIA-NAS 1-way 1130 | 17.5k 5.00
May 29 Vancouver, BC NAS-MIA-DFW-YVR 1-way 3058 | 30k 83.50
TOTALS routes map 21485 | 260k 315.46

Now, that was fun!

Note that the equivalent frequent flyer miles reimbursed amounted to a total of 260,000 miles. With plane tickets obtained by redeeming miles, the actual miles flown came to a total of just over 21,485 miles, which would be the equivalent of making my way 86-percent around the world (with the Earth’s circumference equal to about 24,900 miles).

All of the flights were intracontinental, but that was still a lot of miles flown in the first five months of 2012.

Disclosure: No Connection, Unpaid, My Own Opinions. I have not received any compensation for writing this content and I have no material connection to the brands, topics and/or products that are mentioned herein. Full credits for the map are found here. This post is published on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

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