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Fotoeins Friday: Stockholm call to summer

UNESCO World Heritage logo, Wikimedia CC3 license

Plugging 20 UNESCO Heritage Sites Around the World

Since 1995, I’ve been fortunate to experience significant travel: first as green graduate student on my first (of many) trips to Chile; followed by the opportunity to live and work in 3 countries on 3 continents inside a span of 10 years. I didn’t give much thought about their relative importance at the time, but I’m lucky to have visited a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (WHS).

I’ve written about 5 UNESCO sites in Germany and there’s more to come. Meanwhile, here below are a list and short descriptions of 20 additional UNESCO WHS from around the globe:

  1. Australia: Blue Mountains (Katoomba)
  2. Australia: Fremantle Prison
  3. Australia: Sydney Opera House
  4. Argentina: Iguazú Falls, Iguazú National Park
  5. Brazil: Iguaçu Falls, Iguaçu National Park
  6. Brazil: Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves (Curitiba)
  7. China: Historic Centre of Macao
  8. Czech Republic: Historic Centre of Prague
  9. Czech Republic: Kutná Hora
  10. Denmark: Kronborg Castle (Helsingør)
  11. France: Historic Site of Lyons
  12. Italy: Cinque Terre
  13. México: Historic Centre of México City
  14. México: San Miguel de Allende
  15. New Zealand: Te Wāhipounamu (South Island)
  16. Spain: Alhambra, Generalife, & Albayzín (Granada)
  17. Spain: Cathedral, Alcázar & Archivo de Indias in Seville
  18. Sweden: Skogskyrkogården (Stockholm)
  19. United Kingdom: Old & New Towns of Edinburgh (Scotland)
  20. USA: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (Big Island)

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Fotoeins Friday: Copenhagen’s Nyhavn at night

Hamlet’s castle: Kronborg Slot, Helsingør, Denmark

Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden,

7 reasons why Stockholm is super

There are at least seven reasons why I believe Stockholm, Sweden is a super place to visit.

  1. Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old Town
  2. A visit to the Saluhall in Östermalm for a look at what’s up with food from Sweden and Scandinavia
  3. Skogskyrkogården, an enormous urban green space, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and also marks the final resting place for Greta Garbo
  4. Daytrip and ferry to Vaxholm in the archipelago
  5. Sodermalm, for a rough, dirty, edge, as well as smart upcoming trends in art, style, design, and fashion
  6. Skeppsholmen island, and the Moderna Museet (Museum of Modern Art)
  7. Djurgården, home of the Vasa Museet (remnants of the shipwrecked vessel Vasa), the Nordiska Museet (Nordic Museum), and a large green space

Yes, of course, Scandinavia is expensive. But then again, why would anyone visit if they knew and wanted to visit cheaper destinations in the first place, only to turn around and complain about how expensive the destination was when they visited?

Fact is: Stockholm is super.

If you have an opportunity, grab it and get yourself to Sweden, especially during the final weeks of spring to the first two weeks in summer. However, Stockholm might feel a little empty in July and August, as many vacate the city for the cabins to enjoy as much of the summer outside of the city.

Stockholm archipelago, Sweden

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