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Fotoeins Friday in Austrian Tyrol: Hall in Tirol

Hall in Tirol gained wealth and notoriety through the salt trade, shipping on the Inn river, and “making coin” (minting currency).

Dating to the 15th century, Burg Hasegg is a castle which also became the host site for minting beginning in 1566 with the installation of the Mint. Visible from the Hasegg tower are: Grosser Bettelwurf, Hohe Fürleg (both in the Gleirsch-Halltal Chain), and Hochnissl (Hinterautal-Vomper Chain). The St. Nicholas parish church was first established c. 1281 AD/CE with subsequent expansion and reconstruction over the centuries. The Jesuit church represented the only late-Renaissance church in Tirol and, later, the first Baroque church in north Tirol.

Located 8 km east from Innsbruck, Hall in Tirol is an easy 10-minutes with a regional train (ÖBB) or a cheaper 25-minutes with the city bus (VVT/IVB).

I made the photo above on 11 May 2018 with a Canon EOS6D mark1 with the following settings: 1/400-sec, f/18, ISO800, and 24mm focal length. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at fotoeins DOT com as https://wp.me/p1BIdT-kU6.

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