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Singular moments: family snapshots over 44 years

10 Responses to “Singular moments: family snapshots over 44 years”


    Henry, how tragic, that you have lost both of your parents through their suffering of cancer. It is s strange feeling to us, when loosing our parents, gone for ever, can’t never ask them questions or sharing our stories anymore. Yet as your photographs tell, there the memories of good times they will always remain in our hearts. Henry , thank you so much for sharing all these wonderful family pictures. Be well and safe.

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  2. Tina Schell

    In hindsight Henry, how important those photos of family memories are! While sad for the passing of your parents, I envy you their long lives. My parents passed at 67 and 70. Soon I’ll be older than either of then had the chance to be. I too treasure my images of our family and am glad that my grandmother and my dad both saved our family histories in their images. I’ve carried on the family tradition although honestly I don’t think my 4 brothers have yet realized the importance of these moments in our lives. Good for you for honoring the family history.

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