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KZ-Dachau Memorial Site: never again

4 Responses to “KZ-Dachau Memorial Site: never again”


    As a young child , I remember our class of Elementary school, back like 57 years ago, since I lived only a few kilometers away from Dachau,we did a field trip to Dachau Konzentration Camps. I still can remember my fearful thoughts as a child , those feelings have never left me.

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    • fotoeins

      Hi, Cornelia. I’m glad I gathered enough mental and emotional fortitude to have visited; I’m not going to forget the experience. And in these times, in all times, prejudice and racism must be called out.

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  2. pattimoed

    Hi, Henry. Thank you for this. It’s a very moving testament to a horrible era in human history and the suffering of millions. i fear that we still haven’t learned the lessons from this time. Lee Miller’s account is very moving. I hadn’t read it before. The transcripts of the German concentration camp commanders from the Nuremberg Trials are equally moving in their callousness and indifference.

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    • fotoeins

      Hi, Patti. Thanks for reading and for your comment. Yes, as humans, we have a great knack for repeating the worst. In the present circumstances, travel plans have gone up in smoke, and I was supposed to return to Nuremberg in a few weeks’ time to learn more about the Trials. That’s a good reminder to look online for information and testimony from the Trials. The one and only time I visited Nuremberg was way back in 2002: I remember the big Documentation Centre at the former rally grounds, but I also want to go back and combine that with a visit to the Courts where the Trials were held. I think Lee Miller’s life story is remarkable, and it’s worth noting how much she wanted to document life and events through images. But witnessing war and the consequences of Nazi depravity changed her, as her son Antony Penrose had once wrote. Thanks again, Patti.


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